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1 Sep

White Shirt & Jeans Update

When you speak to fashion girls about classic pieces and wardrobe staples, it's like talking to a vegetarian about how a cow becomes your burger.     You picture in horror the word Basic slapping you in the face like a slice of bologna. However, when I hear the words classics and staples I think challenge accepted.     I'm not going to pretend to know everything there is to know about fashion and style, I just like to experiment . I don't want to preach to people about what to wear. Fashion is something I grew to love because it is so subjective and open to interpretation. All I can say is, that I love simple and I love classic, it's just a matter of reworking...
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30 Aug

Denim Jacket

A modern anchor of the male capsule wardrobe? Previously thought to be too working class, too all American, too rugged. The humble denim jacket with its wild west history has cemented classic status. No longer just an unfashionable item of fashion. Dispel thoughts of the Marlboro cowboy, take away John Travolta and the fur collar, banish punks and beat poets. The world is done rebelling against establishment and their Savile Row suits. Denim is the new suit for many and has risen through the ranks from rebel statement to defining a new wave of professionals. Masculine and versatile, keep the lines clean and the denim medium in weight and tone. Traditional outerwear or layered, the denim jacket is classic cool, never...
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26 Jul

DIY Your Denim

As the ultimate minimalist, I find DIY-ING anything challenging. Breaking out in cold sweats with a shaky hand, I take scissors or thread to a garment.     The thought of massacring an immaculately stitched thread or adding anything to a lovely simple garment is nothing short of sacrilege. I was never the girl to scrapbook. I was physically repelled by modge podge hodge lodge (or whatever you call it), and mosaics were meant to be thrown on the floor, in a sort of greek frenzy so that no one could stick it to their mirrors. Please note this is not in any way meant to be disparaging about crafts or craftiness, human beings often fear what we aren't naturally offay with and...
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