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29 Jul

Akedo Event

Driving along the tree-lined streets of Forest Town, on the way to the 'Akedo' event,  the sun piercing through the trees, I know I’m lucky to live in this city. Johannesburg to me is an undervalued treasure filled with spirited people and staggering places.   It’s a mild winter Saturday and the city is abuzz with weekend happiness, arriving at the venue, it is seemingly unassuming from the outside. Upon entry, you realise that it is anything but, a beautifully converted architect's home filled with light and a true creatives milieu. Stacked glass doors lead from the striking living room, onto a manicured garden. Every inch of this space takes you to another place, it is curated down to the last detail,...
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22 Jul


Understanding that human beings are fundamentally the same, is powerful because love and tolerance follow. Maybe not a bad statement for brands and buyers alike to think about.       Gwyneth' Paltrow's online brain child ‘Goop’ although fabulous, has put the fear of snobbery even more firmly into me! A recent trip however to a major retailers ‘homeware division’, that has made its way to our shores left me turning my nose up at things. Personal style and budget aside, I’m not sure that large retailers from mystical overseas lands can afford to assume that their left over and long lost stock would be gratefully accepted by us? I am assuming that this is what went wrong, in which case a holiday to our vibrant,...
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18 Jul

They’re Wonted Book Club

They're Wonted is starting a book club!   They're Wonted will be reading and doing a review of a new book every few weeks. The first book we will be tackling is Haruki Murakami, A Wild Sheep Chase. If you would like to find out more information or sign up to the book club subscribe to join and you will be sent more information. We will be running competitions and give aways on future reads, so subscribe and keep a look out for more!...
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1 Jul

13 Restaurant Rules to Live by

A Survival Guide to Café Eating Too many years spent on the other side has caused many neuroses’s in me, but it has also given me an in, to the world of restaurant speak. I concede to a few of my toes being firmly in the OCD pool but there is a definite line between the germs needed to build our immune systems and the level of bacterial filth that renders us helpless to control our rebelling betrayed bodies. I used to curse my insider knowledge and look longingly at blissfully ignorant couples enjoying 3-day old sushi and picking their ice cream cones up off the promenade floor to continue making out with. Over the past few years though with a little...
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26 Jun

We Now Have 3 Reasons to Eat Pasta

The Italians have a saying that means “You don’t age while seated for a meal” and this certainly feels true nestling into the comfy chairs at the new ‘Café Del Sol’ on Parkhurst’s 4th Ave. We popped in hoping to find them open and with a spare table for weary ‘lunchers’.     We were delighted to see the promise of hustle and bustle and good smells inside. We’ll come clean, we are stalkers/super fans here at ‘They’re Wonted’ of the original ‘Café Del Sol’ in Olivedale and the beautiful ‘Botanica’ Del Sol in Bryanston. Mamma Luciana, daughter Chiara and son Ryan have been tirelessly dedicated to feeding ‘Jozi’ bellies since 2007 and we are in awe of them.   The team that welcome you...
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21 Jun

How To Turn Camping into Glamping

I picture myself in hardcore camping gear, stick in hand marching up some mountainous range, setting up camp like a boss and making a delicious meal by the fire, in a way a camp girl would.   However tragically this is not the case, think Lena Dunham walking up a hill in a monokini and you get the picture. Though not as lewd in dress, I am all huffy puffy discomfort of the most ungraceful kind.I was not born to be an outdoorsy camp girl and as much as I love nature and animals and the soul restoration of being out the city, I must confess I enjoy coming back to a warm bed and hot shower, in some form of a...
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15 Jun

Chobe National Park

Driving into the park for the first time you see nothing but thorn trees jostled together, with coarse shrubbery nestled in soft, fine sand.   Heart slumping, I wonder if I will see anything at all, or will this be 10 days of pretending to get excited over a bird?Turning right onto a narrow bumpy road, that tosses us this way and that, we bumble down hill for a few minutes, suddenly breaking through the trees toward the bottom, I get my first glimpse of the Chobe River and loose my breath. Running along the edge of Chobe National Park is a river so vast and wide it’s more like a lake. Filled with green islands of grass. A treasured relief for the...
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9 Jun

Chobe Game Lodge

“Once you have travelled, the voyage never ends but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey” – Pat Conroy (Author)     Chobe National Park has the power to change your perspective, it challenges you with its almost overbearing stark beauty, and then lures you in again with all its subtle delicacy, as you drive through breeding herds of elephant and fish eagles cries. The first thing that  you see when arriving at the ‘Chobe Game Lodge’ is the sprinklers as you drive in. It seems like such a small detail but cool water spritzing green, golf course worthy lawn is your first hint of hard-won luxury in this arid riverine reserve....
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22 May

Açai Bowls for All Seasons

I don’t consider myself a fussy eater, I have a reasonable palate that I have been cultivating since a young age. My parents found me endlessly amusing as the only five-year-old, eating marinated squid and stuffed olives.   I do, though, have a fundamental problem with food I don’t enjoy. It was ‘Oscar Wilde’ who lamented that he couldn’t stand people who didn’t take food seriously. I just happen to take wilted wet salads, grubby café menus and margarine as seriously as my many culinary loves. Textures that invoke an instant gag reflex, ingredients on the cusp of what I consider fresh, and metallic nausea that kale renders me with, also make it onto my list. This 'condition' can make navigating life, tricky...
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25 Apr


Social Kitchen doesn’t treat you like Rebel Wilson at the club door. A fresh non-hipster vibe lures you in, and a healthy mix of people of all sizes and ethnicities puts you at ease, and bowls of delicious steaming comfort don't let you leave. You get the feeling that people are there to experience the space more than just to be seen. Meaning if you share any strange restaurant anxiety’s with me you can slip in and out without feeling like you’ve just walked and fallen in the latest Alexander Wang show. (Not that I think we’re super smchodels, just that all eyes on me make me feel like the last wilting croissant in the window)     Vegetarians skip ahead, the 72-hour beef...
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