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15 Jul

10 Ways To Dress Like The Olsen Twins

I have always been a somewhat strange individual. In my blissful adolescent years ( I was 12… I think) I ran around in strange denim culottes, skater shoes and band tees.   That year flicked-out and layered pixie cuts were all the rage. Think Dido circa 2002 in Stan. I decided that it would be a grand idea to give my hair the chop. Result grey tonal afro, not flicked pixie cut. So whilst I spent the time growing it out, the look was more like a raging lunatic Einstein than Dido. Between the dress code, my love for music far beyond my years and my polyphonic ‘Bigmouth Strikes Again' ringtone. I was labelled weird, quirky, strange and anything else little girls can...
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29 Jun

Get The Look – Two For The Road

Let us talk fashion for a moment and go back to the birth era of mum jeans and Keds paired with turtlenecks. A time when shiny PVC suits, paired with white sunnies were the height of fashion, and white slacks and cowl necks were all the rage. Let's think kitten heels and sequence, or jerseys draped over checkered blue shirts. High waisted pink shorts and soft floppy hats, perfectly coifed hair and candelabra earrings. Two For The Road is one of those films I have watched 7 times over and will watch 7 times more. I used to lie on the couch under my duvet on rainy days and just let the fashion feast roll over me. It’s quirky and...
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23 Jun

Tasselled Jewellery To Own Now

Fanciful, imaginative, chimerical, whimsical, capricious, flighty, dreamy, these words float around my head as I stare at the wall of jewellery in H&M.  
These trinkets and baubles bring back the memories of me pulling open a drawer in my gran's house full of all her costume jewellery, wooden pineapples, beads, gems, tassels and strings. Imagine my 7-year-old delight as I piled each and every bracelet up my arms and pulled all the necklaces over my head.
I would lie for hours just looking at everything running the beads and strings between my fingers, laying...
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21 Jun

How To Turn Camping into Glamping

I picture myself in hardcore camping gear, stick in hand marching up some mountainous range, setting up camp like a boss and making a delicious meal by the fire, in a way a camp girl would.   However tragically this is not the case, think Lena Dunham walking up a hill in a monokini and you get the picture. Though not as lewd in dress, I am all huffy puffy discomfort of the most ungraceful kind.I was not born to be an outdoorsy camp girl and as much as I love nature and animals and the soul restoration of being out the city, I must confess I enjoy coming back to a warm bed and hot shower, in some form of a...
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30 May

Chelsea boots

I have come to learn that I am intrinsically drawn to things that stand the test of time. The idea that a design can transcend generations, fashions and the ever changing landscape of our world. With that in mind, we take a look this week at the creation of a gentleman named 'J. Sparkes Hall'.     He is credited with originally designing the 'Chelsea Boot' in 1851. Created for Queen Victoria’s comfort on her daily walks, it would go on to become a favourite of the monarchy. It seems this now unisex boot's sleek lines were destined to entice both sexes. Prominent in men's fashion until the start of World War One, it's popularity diminished when all facets of life became all...
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26 May

Nella Chats Fashion With a Fisherman

I sat down to chat with Grant, my calmer, slightly more practical half. A lot of grunting and a hint of disdain later, he begrudgingly decided to have a good 'ole chinwag' with me about fashion, (yes in my mum jeans) here are a few questions I threw my fisherman's way:   What is it like dating a girl in the fashion industry? It's taught me a new perspective on life and society. It's been fun! What about my style do you love? You always look effortlessly elegant, like you just put on what you first thought of, but it works in visual unison. What about my style do you hate? Don't hate anything. I do think you could pull off colour. (Oh dear, I said it...
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19 May

Relinquish the Skinny

I stare panicked into an abyss of fabric I have no idea what to do with. Wanting to collapse, in a face fronted heap like the french bulldog meme, doing the rounds. Where does one begin, letting go of a fashion trend that's 12 years old?   My entire cupboard is filled with thin, stretch fabric skinnies in various colours. A beloved wardrobe staple since 2004. Now that this trend is finally making it’s way out the door, are you ready to dive full tilt into the high waisted thick denim mum jeans? Are super 70s flairs for you? Or does your transition need a more gentle nudge towards change?     Step one: (Let me walk slowly please) The thought of chucking out 25 pairs...
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15 May

3 Watches That Won’t Break The Bank

Time is the one thing that binds us together; no matter who you are, or where you are in the world, time is constant. Time is how our lives are run and how we keep on track. Time tells us where we need to be and where we are going. Watches were tools that served a purpose to pilots navigating  the night skies and divers exploring the depths of the sea. The amourous notion of what they once were, possibly explains in part my fondness for them. The world is more competitive and fast-moving than ever before. Reading the time is something that has become invisible to us. In this era where time seems to fly past us, we are constantly glancing at...
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