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28 May

Too Much of A Good Thing?

The Japanese word 'Okawari' springs to mind when you think of the new MoMo Soko, simply meaning 'more food please'. Asian culture is deeply rooted in respect, bringing one's palms together expresses deep sincerity and gratitude, and this simple gesture summarises the culture of the MoMo brand. The duo responsible for dreaming up MoMo, are inspired by Asian street food and their mother's cooking.     When it comes to silky noodles with the perfect mouthfeel or beautifully balanced Umami flavours, the team at They're Wonted can't get enough. Not much makes us happier than seeing our city catch up to her hipper destination rivals. We're tireless ‘Jozi-philes’ and are prone to losing whole afternoons to debating our city's merits and what's still...
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19 Jan

An Art Deco Whisper

New years resolutions are still fresh in our minds, and my very generic ideal to say 'yes' to so much more this year has had a rocky start. Venturing out of my comfort zone doesn't come naturally to me.       Whilst brave (I like to think) I am the oxford dictionary antithesis of adventurous, I married up in that department. In the spirit of 'yes', I agreed to a truffle pig mission deep into the maize triangle in search of a bygone era. South Africa’s vast beauty and seemingly endless secrets shouldn’t still surprise me, but a speckling of Art Deco buildings reminiscent of the iconic pastel glamour of Miami definitely did.     What strikes one about Springs is her forgotten quality. There is no...
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9 Dec

Give Of Yourself For Christmas

It is the end of a year that has felt part survival guide, part fiction. A dense stagnant fog seemed to dare one to gain any real traction in 2016. Although not all doom and gloom. Our beautiful city saw an end to total control, by a local government that shamelessly looted her coffers. Adele continued to sing ‘Hello’ to us. We buoyed our spirits even further with bell sleeves and looser jeans. Ariana Huffington begged us to sleep more and Harper Lee left us with her final gift of ‘Go Set a Watchman’.     We have relished sharing snippets of who we are with you all this year. ‘Wonted’ can mean ‘sunk back into the quiet’, which is what we plan...
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21 Nov

Seoul South Korea

Being a 90s baby in SA we were not exactly on the map. Unknown to those around us (I'm mostly speaking to you America) we heard big and fancy words like Paris, Milan, New York and London and were awestruck by them, you thought if I could just get there my life would be made. Alas, my giant foes of glamour, "the times they are a changing", (thank you, Dylan). With the explosion of the internet, YouTubers, bloggers and buzzwords the world has seen somewhat of a levelling out. Little guys are getting their time to shine and the more obscure capital cities are making their individual marks on the fashion landscape. Seoul South Korea is one of those examples, this Fashion obsessed capital...
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17 Nov

Pimp My Street Kitchen

Africa is a continent full of strong and resilient women. Women who choose to fight every day despite their circumstances, they get up and they find a way to work in order to put food on the table, for not only their children but their grandchildren as well. Three of these women Ali, Busi and Johanna are street vendors who formed businesses out of unemployment and a need for income. Their stories inspired the creative collective Being Frank started by Jo Theron, Shannon Davis and Kirsten Townsend, to start Pimp My Street Kitchen, this project is aimed at helping these ladies grow their businesses. This Project is broken into two parts: Part one is to supply them with newly rebranded health and safety compliant, trailers through crowdfunding. Part two...
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25 Oct

African Design

Yes, this article may have cheesy beginnings, nevertheless whilst watching BBC Earth - Africa on Netflix, I felt myself becoming all romantic and nationalistic. Life in Africa is one of constant turmoil and uncertainty, as David Attenborough's voice rings majestically out the speakers about how only the strong survive, I think to myself this pertains to the humans of Africa too (Corny as that might be). Loyalty and a sense of patriotism run through my veins thus I will list a few of my favourite Female designers from across Africa. WAIF Cape Town based jewellery designer Gisele Human's work has my heart. Delicate brass ornaments that can not only be worn but also deserve to be framed and observed from a distance. Stirred by nature and asymmetrical forms,...
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23 Sep

5 People You See At Gym

I walk into the bright synthetically lit room, rave electro and dance-pop blare from the speakers. I lope hunched over like Quasimodo, trying to go unnoticed as I dash to a treadmill at the back of the room. All the whiles I think in panic, never make eye contact.   Gyms are a necessary evil in the country I reside in, however I feel they are the uncomfortable and archaic rash of our generation. Worse than selfies are gym selfies. self-love and taking care of oneself is important, this I understand. Nevertheless, if I have to see another mouth breather take a picture of his sweaty abs, whilst shouting yaaasssss bru, I will hurl myself through the glass window. In my trauma...
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13 Sep

Merging Art & Food

NCW  - Opening soon     We recently got a peek at what promises to be one of Joburg’s more inspired venues. Opening later this year the NCW venue and restaurant marries art and food in a home on the outskirts of Melville which used to house a book publisher. Complete with pressed ceilings and wide corridors, the owner and trained chef ‘Ence Willemse’ gutted this old girl to restore her to her former glory. It was a yearlong project to peel back the layers. The renovation is striking and effective whilst still being wonderfully sympathetic to her charms. Ence has earned his foodie stripes with placements at Overture, Jardine & local darling Roots at the Forum Homini. One gets the sense that...
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10 May

Podcasts To Listen To Now

Podcasts in my narrow opinion are the new radio. They offer a refreshing break from the visual snowfall that is TV; raw, honest and intimate it's a way to reconnect with our thoughts and let the imagination run. Get through all that desk work, whilst still keeping the little hamster wheel turning. Here are my top picks to fight back the boredom:
Oh Boy - Man Repeller Podcast  Man Repeller is all things intelligent and witty, in the name of fashion. 'Oh Boy,' the man repeller podcast is hosted by Jay Buim, and he is on a mission to pick the brains of the women who inspire him. He chats to the likes...
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