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11 Jul

10 Reasons ‘Emervel’ is a great alternative to a Facelift

I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me. - Maya Angelou     I love how the late ‘Maya Angelou’s” words sum up a woman's allure so beautifully. Her powerful poem ‘Phenomenal Woman’ should be nestled gently in the back of our minds. Repeat it three times, be mindful of your worth and then proceed with whatever treatment adds to your smile. For this ‘Laserderm Parkhurst’ blog post we bring you a rather remarkable facial filler treatment from Galderma, ‘Emervel’. Nella & I didn’t qualify for this particular treatment, so a dear family friend was asked to be our willing subject. Enter Tracey, a whirlwind of confidence, grace and glamour, business woman, mum of three and grandmother of two. Tracey was looking to hit the ‘refresh’ button without...
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17 Jun

7 Reasons a Vampire Facial is For You

Follow my blog with Bloglovin For our collaboration with ‘Laserderm Parkhurst’, this week we bring you the ‘Vampire Facial’. Originally developed in the early 70's, PRP is now used in cosmetic surgery and sports medicine. This only recently popular treatment favoured by not so pale vixens ‘Bar Rafaeli’ and ‘Kim Kardashian’ is seemingly here to stay.   The medical world has used ‘Platelet Rich Plasma’ injections for joint rehabilitation, and stem cell therapy, it's where the medical world is heading. In that vein, is the use of a centrifuge to isolate platelets and then re-inject them really that scary? I am not sure how this remarkable, but not that ‘out there’ treatment came to deserve its harsh name. There is the obvious correlation...
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7 Jun

Naturally Peel Away Stress and Ageing

Tis the season of hibernation for those of us living in the usually sunny, southern hemisphere. While we wrap up and fight the good fight against buttery carbs, we should be thinking ahead. By the time there are new buds on the trees and rows of magazines cruelly reminding us to be 'beach ready', it’s often too late.   We have teamed up with 'Laserderm Parkhurst' and will be bringing you their latest most innovative treatments over the next few weeks. Short of high thread count matching linen and travelling with scented laundry bags, nothing makes us feel more grown up than delving into world class medical skincare.     Earlier this year Dermaquest added a natural peel from Germany to their already impressive range. A secret...
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1 Jun

Dewy Blush

  We all strive for that face, the one you see in the pages of Vogue. The wide-eyed Bambi looking girl with the dewy skin and perfectly messy flicked brows. Just the right tone of sandy blonde hair frames her beauty, and those cheeks so shimmery and soft.   With forceful determination and 'the eye of the tiger' playing in my head, I rear forth and try out the natural makeup look on my own face. Already a challenge for someone with no cheekbones to speak of and very little chin. Swiping the brush this way and that with a dramatic flourish and all the naive hope in the world, I add one last lick of mascara and stare at the finished product...
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12 May

L.A. Girl Nude Collection

"The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy"  - Yves Saint Laurent I will admit, I was not instantly smitten with this range of makeup. It was the name that I judged harshly at first because of my love of ‘Parisian’ beauty ideals. As well as my ability to fall down a rabbit hole for packaging, the psychology of a beautifully folded box, the rustle of tissue paper and exotic names is not lost on me. American culture can come across as being obsessed with youth, full of quick fixes and using makeup to paint on a seemingly better version of oneself. That said, I have thoroughly enjoyed my L.A. Girl eye shadow palette. A...
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28 Apr

Want Long Lashes? Try Castor Oil

As someone who has suffered from 'stump eyelash' for years, I decided to go on the hunt for something to grow those puppies out. I sought out a human with long eyelashes and asked them if their eyelashes and brows are naturally Madonna, and if not what do they do?    
Being an expert sleuth I knew the sudden influx of girls with extremely long lashes could not have come out of thin air (it's all lies I tell you!). So further investigation on my butterfly winged pals, revealed that they use Rapidlash. It’s an amazing protein and vitamin-rich serum, that adds moisture and protects lashes and brows, with a few other fancy ingredients...
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20 Apr

Say Yes To Milking Time

Our mother is the epitome of all-enveloping Jewish love (she has to be at least a quarter Jewish), bias to our flaws on a dangerous level and too cute to say no too. This poses a problem as she works in the medical aesthetic industry, and has endless suggestions for laser treatments, lotions & potions. You can imagine my hesitation when she suggested I try a cream normally reserved for sensitive, over milked udders. Staying adequately moisturized let alone dewy and soft in Winter is a challenge. The constant fight against chapped lips, scraggly cuticles and emerging from the bath feeling like an old corn husk is real. This 'Madaji Milking Cream' is rich in vitamin E. Free from perfumes and has softening...
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16 Apr

Rouge À Lèvres

My sister always laughs at my crazy ideas and paranoid thoughts that I allow, to take hold of my mind, whilst admiring various fashionistas from a distance I have never been of the opinion that mere mortals such as myself can pull off a bold red lipstick. Only a recent convert to the power of a red lip, pale pinks and nudes usually suit my application abilities & need to fade into a corner far better. I am haunted by memories of looking like a badly painted geisha, and my husband cautiously signalling to me all night that a red hue has smudged its way onto my teeth.  Then I was introduced to Bourjois’s latest rouge edition lipstick sensation. This velvet paint with...
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