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23 Nov

Annual Plettenberg Roast

Every year the migrating herds of the inner South African continent make their way to the coast. Stuffing their Fortuna's up to the sunroof (a monthly extra) with beach towels and lilos. Ready to lounge the holiday away.     Now don't get me wrong I am all for the typical Saffas December chill time. However as a pale, easily sunburned member of our population, with a deep fear of the ocean, I prefer the sun hat & shade with a good book version of these holidays. My idea of a nightmare is a day spent with sand in my brooks and salt in my mouth. Begging the guy selling ice creams to come back because I just dropped mine. However, for those brown...
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13 Aug

Laserderm / 20 Years of Fine Tuning

Is consumerism dead? Is bravery and authenticity even possible in a digital world? Is changing the way we look representative of a deep lack of self love and worthiness????????? We live in a constant state of information overload, a dizzying array of trends, micro trends, fads, influencers and Instagram feeds reminding us to keep up and shape up. We don’t know whether its trendy to be anxious or so last year to be vegan, whether copious amounts of soy products will ultimately wipe out humanity or if nut milks are accelerating allergies. Knowing and trusting in who you are has never been more vital to survival and sanity. Let’s be uncomfortably honest for a moment, we all have that feed that can...
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9 Apr

My Burberry Black

The 160-year-old story of Burberry has culminated in this one beautiful moment. A company built on innovation and creating a world of possibility, the My Burberry series of perfumes are their brand's essence, classical and steadfast and yet so new and rich. A scent that speaks of the people who might wear it.         It hits your nose for the first time and transports you to places you can only dream of being. A jasmine filled secret garden, drenched in sun, making the smell burst forth as you run your hand along the petals. Clouds cover the sky and the air is filled with the scent of a preemptive storm, as it transports you to a tunnel filled with roses, the largest...
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27 Jan

Let it RAIN

The Swahili word for calm is ‘Shrawi’ and it embodies RAIN, this company have an extraordinary ethos and their quiet integrity is felt in their products A beautiful linen box arrived at our offices and the scent of lemongrass coming from it gave us a hunch of who it might be from. Delighted, we discovered RAIN’s new range of Fizzballs, Butterballs and bath bomb treats.             We are making ourselves feel old here, reminiscing about the 90’s, but just like grunge and last year's brief flirtation with chokers, the decade of Nirvana and fizz balls seems to be having an organic revival. Pinterest is laden with pictures of unicorn coloured, scented bombs turning bath tubs into psychedelic swirls, of pearlescent rainbow water. Our muted...
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9 Jan

The New Kid On The Block

It is officially 2017 and we're kicking off the year with a makeup review. This makeup brand hit the country with a bang and people were losing their most sensible minds over it.     However, I am as I have come to discover not like most people, I avoid big crowds like the plague and much prefer my Woolies Latte to all this newfangled caramel macchiato nonsense that is Starbucks. I avoided Zara and H&M when they first hit our shores (who would queue for that), and slip into Sandton after dark to avoid the crowds. One of the items listed on my upcoming Euro trip is a guillotine museum in Paris and tucked away behind pens, papers and books are where I find...
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26 Aug

A Quest Like No Other . . .

  We are the brand you'll want to age with - Derma Quest   Not many other topics make me tread cautiously like beauty. My gift of the gab has gotten me into my share of trouble in life. I was always encouraged to have an opinion and as a result, my voice can tend to reign relatively unchecked. The topic of beauty, however, renders me mindful and slightly scared. As a woman, it’s a sensitive topic, not wanting to base our value on it but craving it all the same. In ancient Egypt, women prized magical power wielding mud from the banks of the Nile river and continuously through the ages we have put our faith in little pots of wonder and promise. Our...
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23 Aug

4 Scents To Try Now

“Odours have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will. The persuasive power of an odour cannot be fended off, it enters into us like breath into our lungs, it fills us up, imbues us totally. There is no remedy for it.” ― Patrick Süskind, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer     Have you ever had that moment when a scent hits your nose in a sudden burst of intensity, and you now know that your life is changed forever? Scents have marked various phases of my life, I can match every milestone to a smell. My first bottle of 'perfume' came in a small clear plastic bag with pink trim alongside a bubble bath and body...
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18 Aug

8 Reasons you’ll want Bourjois in your bag

I sometimes feel I am the sunny, slightly chintzy counterpart to my sister, she’s a fan of winter, posh boots, cashmere, fireplaces & high-end Euro street style. The girl is a veritable Emily Bronte novel to my fluffy beach read.     I crave warmth, a smattering of seasonal dysfunction disorder is definitely lurking in me. I see winter as a personal affront to my ability to exist, Mother Nature testing my limits. Therefore I get extremely excited before spring has even sprung and can’t wait to bring you all more posts about what we are using and loving at They’re Wonted HQ this season.     Look out for frozen wine cocktails, Derma Quest products for any need, kitschy dresses re-purposed with an edge, hydrating...
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11 Aug

Spring Skin – Caribbean Style

With spring around the corner, and the inevitable unveiling of limbs creeping nearer. We start to think about sun-kissed glows, exfoliating and shimmery balms promising pearlescent radiance. Us lasses at ‘They’re Wonted’ have taken up the challenge for you and have been trawling the aisles filling our baskets with coconut infused ‘self-tanners’. We asked beauty therapists for their tips on how to emerge more goddess than gaudy. It’s all about embracing subtlety and not giving into UV ray temptations and the lure of Essex, come now ladies, we know better than that now. As I sit writing this piece on Woman’s Day, I can’t help but contemplate the importance of why we make the litany of beauty regime decisions that we do....
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19 Jul

Vampire Facial Competition

‘They’re Wonted’ & ‘Laserderm Parkhurst’ are offering you the chance to win a ‘Vampire Facial’ just in time for Spring. Subscribe to ‘They’re Wonted’ and stand the chance to win a ‘Vampire Facial’ including a consultation and post care product. Valued at R3600.00. To find out more about this amazing treatment & why you should harness your inner ‘Kim Kardashian’ and subscribe today . . . go to ‘’ The winner will be announced on Tuesday 9th August 2016 & will be featured on the blog, looking fresh and fabulous and letting us know all about their experience with ‘Laserderm’   T & C’s This prize is only redeemable at the ‘Parkhurst Laserderm’ branch. This prize is not interchangeable with other treatments on offer at the clinic. This...
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