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9 Dec

Give Of Yourself For Christmas

It is the end of a year that has felt part survival guide, part fiction. A dense stagnant fog seemed to dare one to gain any real traction in 2016. Although not all doom and gloom. Our beautiful city saw an end to total control, by a local government that shamelessly looted her coffers. Adele continued to sing ‘Hello’ to us. We buoyed our spirits even further with bell sleeves and looser jeans. Ariana Huffington begged us to sleep more and Harper Lee left us with her final gift of ‘Go Set a Watchman’.     We have relished sharing snippets of who we are with you all this year. ‘Wonted’ can mean ‘sunk back into the quiet’, which is what we plan...
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15 Nov

6 Ways To Avoid Hotel Disasters

Tis the holiday season soon and it got me thinking about festive exhaustion syndrome . . .   I need, to begin with, a small disclaimer. I do not judge but rather am in awe of those free spirits amongst us, who couch surf, Air BnB with reckless abandon and hitchhike their way around the globe. You are braver than I could ever dream of being. Whilst my many neuroses no doubt hold me back from dancing with Shaman at dawn. I can only accept who I am. I was recently regaled with a haunting tale of a lovely couple, who shared about their trip to Mauritius with me. Inspired by Instagram accounts and bolstered by clever sales pitches like 'sleeping under...
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21 Oct

Stilbaai G n T’s

Upon returning from a recent trip to the USA, my husband kept expressing his relief to be home. His complaint, he found it all together rather vanilla. To be fair he was ensconced deep in Trump country, he yearned for a cosmopolitan city and the peppery rocket salad that sits on our dining table most evenings. I have expressed my insatiable love for our continent before, I am unapologetically, hopelessly, unequivocally in love with this place. I know we are facing an uncertain future with our tertiary education system, literally burning. Our beautiful country is currently being ruled by gangsters and thugs, posing as politicians and entrepreneurial families. I can't help being optimistic, despite these seemingly insurmountable challenges. Perhaps, indomitable hope is...
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7 Oct

3 Sorbets For Summer

How to have your bubbly and eat it . . .         Sorbet is something I am only a recent convert to, I always viewed it as the bankrupt cousin of ice cream. I have found that the refreshing icy treat does, in fact, have a certain allure. Pretty bottles of normally obscure aperitifs keep the mixture from freezing too solid. A teaspoon of honey serves to stop ice crystals from forming, and with that secret in your arson, only your imagination limits the fun that can be had. In the spirit of being a very bad housewife, is it important that the bread is baked by my own fair hands? If it’s made with love and triple A flour and enjoyed with...
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13 Sep

Merging Art & Food

NCW  - Opening soon     We recently got a peek at what promises to be one of Joburg’s more inspired venues. Opening later this year the NCW venue and restaurant marries art and food in a home on the outskirts of Melville which used to house a book publisher. Complete with pressed ceilings and wide corridors, the owner and trained chef ‘Ence Willemse’ gutted this old girl to restore her to her former glory. It was a yearlong project to peel back the layers. The renovation is striking and effective whilst still being wonderfully sympathetic to her charms. Ence has earned his foodie stripes with placements at Overture, Jardine & local darling Roots at the Forum Homini. One gets the sense that...
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7 Sep

Bao Everyday!

When our photographer suggested ‘Momo’ for lunch recently, I was more than a little sceptical. I love my city, she is a humble beauty, with tree-lined streets, an undeniable buzz and the nicest people. A few of our city’s weaknesses are clawing our way back from years of governmental corruption & neglectful councils and quite frankly our Asian food scene. When I think of Asian food, I think of towers of steaming baskets containing soft pillowy buns, deep broth's, umami flavours and smoky sweet Korean barbeque. Bright greens, deep red birds eye chillis, perfectly balanced kimchi and the joy of soba noodles. As a continent Asia offers a diversity of cuisine like no other and yet somehow Jozi (Cape Town...
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26 Aug

A Quest Like No Other . . .

  We are the brand you'll want to age with - Derma Quest   Not many other topics make me tread cautiously like beauty. My gift of the gab has gotten me into my share of trouble in life. I was always encouraged to have an opinion and as a result, my voice can tend to reign relatively unchecked. The topic of beauty, however, renders me mindful and slightly scared. As a woman, it’s a sensitive topic, not wanting to base our value on it but craving it all the same. In ancient Egypt, women prized magical power wielding mud from the banks of the Nile river and continuously through the ages we have put our faith in little pots of wonder and promise. Our...
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18 Aug

8 Reasons you’ll want Bourjois in your bag

I sometimes feel I am the sunny, slightly chintzy counterpart to my sister, she’s a fan of winter, posh boots, cashmere, fireplaces & high-end Euro street style. The girl is a veritable Emily Bronte novel to my fluffy beach read.     I crave warmth, a smattering of seasonal dysfunction disorder is definitely lurking in me. I see winter as a personal affront to my ability to exist, Mother Nature testing my limits. Therefore I get extremely excited before spring has even sprung and can’t wait to bring you all more posts about what we are using and loving at They’re Wonted HQ this season.     Look out for frozen wine cocktails, Derma Quest products for any need, kitschy dresses re-purposed with an edge, hydrating...
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11 Aug

Spring Skin – Caribbean Style

With spring around the corner, and the inevitable unveiling of limbs creeping nearer. We start to think about sun-kissed glows, exfoliating and shimmery balms promising pearlescent radiance. Us lasses at ‘They’re Wonted’ have taken up the challenge for you and have been trawling the aisles filling our baskets with coconut infused ‘self-tanners’. We asked beauty therapists for their tips on how to emerge more goddess than gaudy. It’s all about embracing subtlety and not giving into UV ray temptations and the lure of Essex, come now ladies, we know better than that now. As I sit writing this piece on Woman’s Day, I can’t help but contemplate the importance of why we make the litany of beauty regime decisions that we do....
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2 Aug

When Only Nostalgia Will Do . . .

A party without cake is just a meeting – Julia Childs   Whether you’ll admit it or not, we all have our foodie dirty laundry. Those comforting dishes that flood us with memories and nostalgia. Dishes we wouldn’t be seen ordering in a trendy café or be caught serving to guests in our homes. The dish I crave when I’m sick or craving pudding or just missing my family, is my mum's peach cobbler. Deep into Winter when there were no apricots left on our trees and the dreary fruit isles had nothing but tart, floury apples, my mum would turn to ‘Koo’ for inspiration. Amongst my mother's small arsenal of dishes that she wields for special occasions, are firm family favourites...
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