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24 Mar

A Day In Brighton

On my recent gallivanting through Europe, I decided to spend the day in Brighton.  This prepossessing seaside city in East Sussex has long been a popular day trip for Londoners. The capital was proving her critics right and sulked under grey gloom for weeks. I felt like I needed something a little brighter and so I hopped on a train in search of elusive vitamin D and headed to South East England’s shores. Brighton teeters on the brink between Victorian detail and urbanism. Sadly now known as the homeless capital of the UK, the contrast and grunge of this quirky place is home to artists and sensitive creative types who flock to the mild climate and colourful lanes. The iconic...
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9 Mar

Cereal Killer Cafe

I have long had a love affair with cereal. Frosties and Fruit loops are my Achilles heel. On a recent trip to London, I knew I had a pilgrimage to make.     Identical twins from Belfast, Alan and Gary Keery, were struck with the idea for Cereal Killer Café one hungover morning when the craving for cereal and chocolate milk occurred. They weathered, failed crowd funding and plenty of doubt to bring their vision of 80’s and 90’s nostalgia to light.     Their original Shoreditch space is full of colourful boxes and memorabilia. Accused by some locals of gentrification, the twins prefer to call it economic development in an area where creative ideas work. They have proved their doubters wrong and...
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30 Aug

Denim Jacket

A modern anchor of the male capsule wardrobe? Previously thought to be too working class, too all American, too rugged. The humble denim jacket with its wild west history has cemented classic status. No longer just an unfashionable item of fashion. Dispel thoughts of the Marlboro cowboy, take away John Travolta and the fur collar, banish punks and beat poets. The world is done rebelling against establishment and their Savile Row suits. Denim is the new suit for many and has risen through the ranks from rebel statement to defining a new wave of professionals. Masculine and versatile, keep the lines clean and the denim medium in weight and tone. Traditional outerwear or layered, the denim jacket is classic cool, never...
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30 May

Chelsea boots

I have come to learn that I am intrinsically drawn to things that stand the test of time. The idea that a design can transcend generations, fashions and the ever changing landscape of our world. With that in mind, we take a look this week at the creation of a gentleman named 'J. Sparkes Hall'.     He is credited with originally designing the 'Chelsea Boot' in 1851. Created for Queen Victoria’s comfort on her daily walks, it would go on to become a favourite of the monarchy. It seems this now unisex boot's sleek lines were destined to entice both sexes. Prominent in men's fashion until the start of World War One, it's popularity diminished when all facets of life became all...
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15 May

3 Watches That Won’t Break The Bank

Time is the one thing that binds us together; no matter who you are, or where you are in the world, time is constant. Time is how our lives are run and how we keep on track. Time tells us where we need to be and where we are going. Watches were tools that served a purpose to pilots navigating  the night skies and divers exploring the depths of the sea. The amourous notion of what they once were, possibly explains in part my fondness for them. The world is more competitive and fast-moving than ever before. Reading the time is something that has become invisible to us. In this era where time seems to fly past us, we are constantly glancing at...
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