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25 Oct

African Design

Yes, this article may have cheesy beginnings, nevertheless whilst watching BBC Earth - Africa on Netflix, I felt myself becoming all romantic and nationalistic. Life in Africa is one of constant turmoil and uncertainty, as David Attenborough's voice rings majestically out the speakers about how only the strong survive, I think to myself this pertains to the humans of Africa too (Corny as that might be). Loyalty and a sense of patriotism run through my veins thus I will list a few of my favourite Female designers from across Africa. WAIF Cape Town based jewellery designer Gisele Human's work has my heart. Delicate brass ornaments that can not only be worn but also deserve to be framed and observed from a distance. Stirred by nature and asymmetrical forms,...
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17 Oct

Flat Mules, I Need You

There is some sort of joyful wonder in hearing the scrape, scrape, of flat mules on the floor, it says I have this fashion deal down and I'm loving it. However,  if this noise makes you want to commit murder, I do apologise, this is the shoe trend of the moment and it seems like it's here to stay.   These shoes are reminiscent of everything you hated about the late 90s and early 2000s, nonetheless, you find yourself drawn in despite your head saying no, your heart is screaming yes. We need these shoes we need Capri's and loose flowing linen garments to make us feel like we have hit fashion nirvana. I want to Olsen myself in the face this season.  Despite...
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23 Sep

5 People You See At Gym

I walk into the bright synthetically lit room, rave electro and dance-pop blare from the speakers. I lope hunched over like Quasimodo, trying to go unnoticed as I dash to a treadmill at the back of the room. All the whiles I think in panic, never make eye contact.   Gyms are a necessary evil in the country I reside in, however I feel they are the uncomfortable and archaic rash of our generation. Worse than selfies are gym selfies. self-love and taking care of oneself is important, this I understand. Nevertheless, if I have to see another mouth breather take a picture of his sweaty abs, whilst shouting yaaasssss bru, I will hurl myself through the glass window. In my trauma...
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1 Sep

White Shirt & Jeans Update

When you speak to fashion girls about classic pieces and wardrobe staples, it's like talking to a vegetarian about how a cow becomes your burger.     You picture in horror the word Basic slapping you in the face like a slice of bologna. However, when I hear the words classics and staples I think challenge accepted.     I'm not going to pretend to know everything there is to know about fashion and style, I just like to experiment . I don't want to preach to people about what to wear. Fashion is something I grew to love because it is so subjective and open to interpretation. All I can say is, that I love simple and I love classic, it's just a matter of reworking...
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23 Aug

4 Scents To Try Now

“Odours have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will. The persuasive power of an odour cannot be fended off, it enters into us like breath into our lungs, it fills us up, imbues us totally. There is no remedy for it.” ― Patrick Süskind, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer     Have you ever had that moment when a scent hits your nose in a sudden burst of intensity, and you now know that your life is changed forever? Scents have marked various phases of my life, I can match every milestone to a smell. My first bottle of 'perfume' came in a small clear plastic bag with pink trim alongside a bubble bath and body...
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15 Aug

Akedo Packaging

They're Wonted has been lucky enough in our journey to shoot for some incredible brands under our content agency Wonted Creates. Akedo is one of the brands we have worked on. Head designer Eleni Labrou has recently redesigned and repositioned the brand to bring it into a different sphere. Akedo showcased their SS16 Collection earlier this year at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, bringing to life a stronger more sophisticated brand story than ever before. As part of Akedo's new look, we were enlisted to help create some wonderful stories for all their online platforms. Take a look below at the packaging shoot we did.      ...
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29 Jul

Akedo Event

Driving along the tree-lined streets of Forest Town, on the way to the 'Akedo' event,  the sun piercing through the trees, I know I’m lucky to live in this city. Johannesburg to me is an undervalued treasure filled with spirited people and staggering places.   It’s a mild winter Saturday and the city is abuzz with weekend happiness, arriving at the venue, it is seemingly unassuming from the outside. Upon entry, you realise that it is anything but, a beautifully converted architect's home filled with light and a true creatives milieu. Stacked glass doors lead from the striking living room, onto a manicured garden. Every inch of this space takes you to another place, it is curated down to the last detail,...
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26 Jul

DIY Your Denim

As the ultimate minimalist, I find DIY-ING anything challenging. Breaking out in cold sweats with a shaky hand, I take scissors or thread to a garment.     The thought of massacring an immaculately stitched thread or adding anything to a lovely simple garment is nothing short of sacrilege. I was never the girl to scrapbook. I was physically repelled by modge podge hodge lodge (or whatever you call it), and mosaics were meant to be thrown on the floor, in a sort of greek frenzy so that no one could stick it to their mirrors. Please note this is not in any way meant to be disparaging about crafts or craftiness, human beings often fear what we aren't naturally offay with and...
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19 Jul

Vampire Facial Competition

‘They’re Wonted’ & ‘Laserderm Parkhurst’ are offering you the chance to win a ‘Vampire Facial’ just in time for Spring. Subscribe to ‘They’re Wonted’ and stand the chance to win a ‘Vampire Facial’ including a consultation and post care product. Valued at R3600.00. To find out more about this amazing treatment & why you should harness your inner ‘Kim Kardashian’ and subscribe today . . . go to ‘’ The winner will be announced on Tuesday 9th August 2016 & will be featured on the blog, looking fresh and fabulous and letting us know all about their experience with ‘Laserderm’   T & C’s This prize is only redeemable at the ‘Parkhurst Laserderm’ branch. This prize is not interchangeable with other treatments on offer at the clinic. This...
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