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23 Nov

Annual Plettenberg Roast

Every year the migrating herds of the inner South African continent make their way to the coast. Stuffing their Fortuna’s up to the sunroof (a monthly extra) with beach towels and lilos. Ready to lounge the holiday away.



Now don’t get me wrong I am all for the typical Saffas December chill time. However as a pale, easily sunburned member of our population, with a deep fear of the ocean, I prefer the sun hat & shade with a good book version of these holidays. My idea of a nightmare is a day spent with sand in my brooks and salt in my mouth. Begging the guy selling ice creams to come back because I just dropped mine. However, for those brown lush swans who gracefully dive into the ocean and roast their toned bellies on the beach all day, the skin industry comes with a gentle reminder, the African sun is a harsh one and we have terrifying stats in the skin cancer department to back these concerns up.



As a country, we have the second highest incidence of skin cancer, just coming up the rear of our Australian neighbours. The scary thing is, don’t think because you’re young, you’re off Scott free for now.  The majority of a person‟s lifetime exposure occurs before the age of 18. Skin cancer is the cause of 700 deaths a year as well as 20 000 diagnosed. On a lighter note, you might end up looking like Magda from Something About Mary and that’s just not a good look for anyone.



So before you hit those Plett beaches bru, or join the chinas in Knysna. Please take care to remember sunblock, grab that cap and brolly and give your precious skin a break every now and then. I know we have a culture of pale shaming in SA (yes I know I look like a vampire) but we need to start being more mindful of what the sun can do. Rather opt for that cheeky spray tan, sssh no one has to know and age gracefully, say no to looking like a sharpei.



We were lucky enough to go to the Dr Schrammek event this year, they are an amazing family owned company, who truly believe that skin health is the most important. They have just released this incredible new product, their Solar Protect Fluid. This non-greasy, lightweight fluid is a must have for your everyday skin routine, We know that we often avoid wearing sunscreen on our face as it can be oily and cause breakouts, with this product you simply apply after your normal routine or lightly pat over makeup and know you will be beautifully protected from the sun throughout the day. In SA our rainbow is made up of so many beautiful skin tones, sadly none of them immune to the ravages of the sun, it ages us all, so in the name of health & vanity, we declare war on UV rays.



Daniella du Plessis
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