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13 Aug

Laserderm / 20 Years of Fine Tuning

Is consumerism dead? Is bravery and authenticity even possible in a digital world? Is changing the way we look representative of a deep lack of self love and worthiness?????????

We live in a constant state of information overload, a dizzying array of trends, micro trends, fads, influencers and Instagram feeds reminding us to keep up and shape up. We don’t know whether its trendy to be anxious or so last year to be vegan, whether copious amounts of soy products will ultimately wipe out humanity or if nut milks are accelerating allergies. Knowing and trusting in who you are has never been more vital to survival and sanity.

Let’s be uncomfortably honest for a moment, we all have that feed that can send us into such a powerful shame spiral, we can barely leave our nest for days. Only the lure of ‘snackage’ that we shouldn’t be seeking (because Miranda Kerr tells us that a Kale smoothie is enough), gets us out.

How can we possibly talk about the beautification of ourselves or changing our appearance without addressing the most uncomfortable truth of shame. If vulnerability is the ultimate measure of courage, then we need more vulnerability, this can only be cultivated in a society with more empathy and less shame. Experts call it the epidemic of our culture and we knowingly or otherwise, wrestle with how to get out from underneath it.

When we were invited to attend Laserderms 20th year celebration, we knew what to expect. Their business of beautifying and enhancing their patients is rooted in care. The truth of the matter is that integrity more than anything got them two decades in. The doctors and laser therapists at Laserderm will happily say no to an unhealthy or risky request (we know this firsthand). The ethos of enhancing natural beauty and taking the least invasive approach for the best results runs deep. Innovation and care has seen Laserderm establish themselves as leaders in their field in Africa, offering a non-invasive approach to beauty. Product lines based on results, not profit margins. Constant training, learning and adapting, and functioning more like a family than a large corporation is evident in the team and ultimately their clientele.

From a place of deep worthiness and not space wasting shame, treat yourself to an item off their Spring menu. We are so loath to repeat mortification spiral inducing, fear mongering, magazine selling taglines like ‘Get Ready for Summer Now’ and ‘Get That BeachBod’. Let’s cut the crap, it’s a numbers game with many days or months to recover after treatments. Veins, for instance, the body needs on average three months to mop up any coagulated veins after treatment, so now is an ideal time to treat your pins, so that you may head to the beach with a great book instead of a list of things to be hard on yourself about.

A heady mix of year end exhaustion, Christmas anxiety, in-laws and sea spray lends itself to holiday ‘nookie’ so any intimate issues like stress induced incontinence or vaginal dryness can also be assisted before the silly season. No point in hobbling down to the beach spending your hard earned leave on a doughnut cushion. Say yes to less Xanor and more Chardonnay.

Ugh our least favourite topic, weight, for the love of all things EQ, go and have the time of your life, regardless of the scale gremlins or your own inner narrative. Nourish your body with good healthy fuel that it deserves and keep it moving so it can serve you well. Age old wisdom aside, us woman stick together and we aren’t going to deny you a little edge to take the edge off. Slender Wonder (discomfort inducing name, we know) is a diet plan with the addition of HCG injections, basically, a hormone that woman produce when pregnant which assists with weight loss. In general, diets aren’t sustainable but for a good push before the mistle toe, to reduce the camel toe, it’s a great and safe programme to dabble in.

Just when you want to lament being a woman, we see you over there guys, sort out ingrown beard hairs, razor bumps and scarring with laser treatment. It’s the least you can do after we have, plucked, shucked, lasered and injected ourselves.

Skin enhancing treatments are available to channel your inner glow, you won’t leave looking like pre-Friends Jennifer Anniston but you will look like the very best version of yourself in a few weeks. The Derma Frac system combines micro-needling treatment with a deep tissue infusion of serums.

We implore you when getting ready for Summer this year, freezing your fat, lifting and tightening your skin, sorting out wrinkles, pigmentation and conquering weight loss, watch your internal narrative. It takes a mere 3 seconds for a negative thought to create a pathway in the brain, 15 seconds will do the same for a positive thought! Make use of all the wonders of medical science with yourself in mind, listen to the people who have been brave enough to show up in your arena, filter out the rest.

Care for, primp, heck even embalm yourself if you can but from a place of love. No longer do we need to skulk around the shadows of lunchtime Botox or a breakfast CoolSculpt, the ultimate trend of 2017 is owning your shit and your space, warts and all . . . but since it’s at your disposal burn that wart off! We leave you with our all time favourite words by the late and irrepressible Maya Angelou and a glowing endorsement of Laserderm. You feel the warmth, you feel the care, you feel the knowledge.

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.  I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size    But when I start to tell them,  They think I’m telling lies.  I say,  It’s in the reach of my arms,  The span of my hips,    The stride of my step,    The curl of my lips.    I’m a woman  Phenomenally.  Phenomenal woman,    That’s me.

I walk into a room  Just as cool as you please,    And to a man,  The fellows stand or  Fall down on their knees.    Then they swarm around me,  A hive of honey bees.   I say It’s the fire in my eyes,    And the flash of my teeth,    The swing in my waist,    And the joy in my feet.    I’m a woman  Phenomenally.  Phenomenal woman,  That’s me.

Men themselves have wondered    What they see in me.  They try so much  But they can’t touch  My inner mystery.  When I try to show them,    They say they still can’t see.  I say, It’s in the arch of my back,    The sun of my smile,  The ride of my breasts,  The grace of my style.  I’m a woman  Phenomenally.  Phenomenal woman,  That’s me.

Now you understand  Just why my head’s not bowed.    I don’t shout or jump about  Or have to talk real loud.    When you see me passing,  It ought to make you proud.  I say,  It’s in the click of my heels,    The bend of my hair,    the palm of my hand,    The need for my care.    ’Cause I’m a woman  Phenomenally.  Phenomenal woman,  That’s me. / clinics nationwide / our personal favourite is the Parkhurst branch where the people are as sunny as the light that streams in through the windows.


Jessica Bennetto
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