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16 Jul

Where The Grapes Are Grown

Wherever wine grapes are grown, it is beautiful – Margrit Mondavi


The Cape is a place of beguiling loveliness, where impassioned vintners harvest, crush, press, ferment and clarify their souls into each bottle, where it lies and over time becomes one of the world’s most gracious liquids. Bottles are sold for thousands the world around, it is something that men have given their last penny for and women have gained the whole universe over.

Idiom wine is the kind which causes you to loose your head, each cultivar is carefully matched to the optimum site and cultivated into a smooth velvet that keeps you coming back for more. Being absolute red wine nuts at They’re Wonted, we decided to visit Dry Dock in Parkhurst, and picked up a bottle of the Idiom Syrah 2007 limited addition 900 series. Syrah meaning Shiraz in French begins its life in the form of a dark-skinned grape grown from the soil with restraint, balance, and purity. The idiom Syrah was brought to life in the southern-most part of Stellenbosch, these vineyards are huddled in the shadows of a granite mountain range. Decomposed granite is intertwined in the very soil, stony and shallow with clay at its base it creates wines that are earthy on the palette and bring to life the true beauty of the Cape on your nose.





The bottle opens with a squeaky pop of the cork and a honeyed smell of blackberry gently tickles the air, pouring out into the decanter you are hit with a slightly earthier undertone, and the dark ruby coloured liquid is almost melodious. The first sip is always the most notable, as you get the earthy root vegetable on the palate before the hint of blackberry jam draws away the savoury notes. Each sip is one to remember, as the wine almost does the Charleston across your tongue. You can hear Billy Holiday sing ‘Come Rain Or Come Shine’ as beautiful, red-lipped women wander around in fringed cocktail dresses, wine glass in hand.

Wine is meant to be enjoyed with friends over a meal, sitting next to a loved one in front of a fire, or over a candlelit dinner with your soul mate, it is meant to be clutched while you laugh and dance at a party. It is meant to sway languidly with you through the night as you build the story of your life. Any of the Idiom creations are such wines, even as I sit and write this, a glass of it in front of me. I remember the first time I ever tasted one of their wines over a meal with a dear friend. A moment I will cherish forever.





Daniella du Plessis
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