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4 Jun

La Boqueria Style

The new La Boqueria eatery is a rich tapestry, you feel a story is about to unfold when you arrive and the coolness of the décor with its nod to mid-century design, makes you feel like you could be part of the story too. An amalgamation of inspiration from markets and street food around the world and the owner’s hearts and souls.

The innovative team behind ‘The Foundry’ are crusading again, on a noble quest to have Joburg drink better. #Jozidrinkbettter

Studies are already showing that millennials are spending more of their money on experiences than retail consumerism. Great business minds the likes of Buffet are seeing the shift and investing accordingly. The more online our lives become the more we crave connection, community & offline experiences. La Boqueria got the memo, it’s an experience. You’d be forgiven delusional daydreams of chartering a plane to Seville or quitting your job to become a vintner. It inspires and so does its wine list.




Their concept is to celebrate our local winemaking heroes and to get patrons excited about and drinking, boutique SA wines, that often leave our shores for distant ones. The list of libations is the sexiest thing you’ve read in a while! Divided into sections with names like Quench, Whet, Nourish, Entice and Effervescents. Why would you want to be anywhere but at their perfectly veined marble bar?

The Orange heading on the wine list is followed by a description ‘whites emulating reds’, it offers up two delightfully whimsical orange wines. These are by no means your standard dry whites, orange wine is relatively new on the scene and will no doubt take time to gain traction with the more orthodox amongst us.







We were instant converts, a process of natural fermentation and alchemy results in these ‘of the moment’ beauties. The Bosman Grenache Blanc 2015 from the Wellington region is a culmination of the family who make it. Technically it has dried apricot and spice on the nose but to the rest of us, it’s simply pleasure, newness and excitement. It pairs beautifully with the fatty richness & flavour profile of the Salmon Tiradito from the Raw menu, Norwegian salmon with a ponzu dressing (already magic) now add mange tout, red chilli, coconut shavings and crispy poppadums.

Fable’s Night Sky Red Blend 2013 is a crimson, coastal triumph. Beautifully named after the vast night skies, brilliantly lit up by the stars on this remote farm. Rose spice, Fynbos and jasmine draw you in and you’re left with a smooth lasting finish. The Toast selection offers the perfect strong full, flavour to enjoy with the naturally processed, southern Rhone style blend, we suggesting smapling this libation with the fire roasted market bruschetta and in-house chorizo, charred peppers and olive oil.

Who says a burger doesn’t pair well with bubbly, there aren’t too many rules here except, explore. We were tempted by the rock shrimp burger, a brioche bun with Jalapeno mayo, pickled radish (a stroke of genius), generous sweet rock shrimp and triple fried chips. An inspired possibly slightly indulgent midday pairing to this brioche delight is Le Lude’s Brut Rose. The delicate bubbles and dry finish are very close to French champagne. It’s mineral and taut and possibly enhanced even further by Parktown sunshine on a gorgeous day.

We can go on and on, about the sticky oxtail marmalade toast, hot fried olives, blistered peppers and drunken pork belly, but there’s a wine list that needs exploring so we’ll leave you to it. If there is a label that peaks your interest, request a glass, that’s right, they’ll sell you a glass. The owners would rather you try a glass than not order the bottle.







It’s a tiny detail, but the restoration of dignity to the bruised and battered humble churros brought a final smile to our faces. Expect sinfully dark chocolate, its richness cut through by the blessed fire of red chilli. Liberal use of cinnamon and a light, crisp confection, we’ll be back to pair them with a bottle of something exceptional, we might book out the private dining area to hide our cocoa shame.

The considered curation of wine, beers, ciders, gins and other tipples make La Boqueria a destination. The team and the energy make it a must!

011 325 0011

17 3rd Avenue Parktown North

Private dining area available to book


Jessica Bennetto
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