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7 May

Malfy Gin

Gin the stupefying invention of Monks from the Salerno Coast. Botanicals and juniper berries were added to the alcohol making a fragrant liquid, which to this day we pair with, tonic laced with lemons cucumber, blood orange or pomegranate seeds.



.This aromatic sauce was sipped by some of the finest lips in history from Her Majesty the Queen to Scott Fitzgerald and has slowly started to form its own name on the alcohol scene. Step back craft beer, for you are no match for artisanal Gin. Made up of small distilleries paired with equally exotic tonic, bringing to life the romance of the Gatsby era. Full of rich golden hued parties, packed to the rafters with the finest minds in history. These nostalgic dreamy and romantic feelings make me fall more in love with my favourite drink and keep me coming back time and again.

So when the slightly more fun and light hearted Gin, Malfy caught my eye, I knew I had to try it. This gin distillery from Moncalieri in Italy infuse their gin with Sicilian lemons and a variety of other botanicals such as coriander, angelica and cassia bark, all coming to life on the base of Italian juniper berries.

Gin is a drink to be enjoyed, to sip around tables, or gathered with loved ones. To experience in places you love with those who bring memories to life.

How to drink Malfy:

This delicious lemon infused delight can be paired with, sparkling water thinly sliced cucumbers and mint syrup, to bring out the sweetness in the gin. A slice of orange can be a warming touch to bring out the flavour of the cassia bark. Consider a sprig of flat leaf coriander to balance out the citrus notes. A slice of apple in place of lemon or lime will bring the herbaceous notes in this gin to the forefront.

Daniella du Plessis
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