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30 Apr

Sushi Doughnuts

Wabi Sabi is a Japenese concept, based on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. An aesthetic centred around beauty that is imperfect, impermanent and often incomplete. A way to appreciate the flow of life and see the beauty in all its imperfections and trials.



We felt like having some fun with Pinterest darling ‘sushi doughnuts’. Who doesn’t love a doughnut, eaten hot in a parking lot, rolled in sugar and the faint hint of sticky apricot jam in the centre? Then switch to our California babe, sushi, ‘Westernized’ and ‘Fashionized’. An art form of precision in its native Japan, we took an altogether more ‘Wabi Sabi’ approach to ours. Sticky rice carrying cool salmon, delicately popping caviar, avo and sour Japanese plum. Combine these two and you have a Hollywood cool kid, spawn of two celebs, achingly cool, if not ridiculous.



With our Northern counterparts about to embrace the sunshine, sushi doughnuts are having their moment in the proverbial sun. We couldn’t resist, digging out an old fashioned doughnut tin and getting crafty. We promise more winter appropriate ‘food-spiration’ is in the pipeline.




No more daring ourselves to take on Pinterest fads, in a bid to see if we end up on a fails reel or feeling rather smug with ourselves. Made quite small and tightly wrapped the doughnuts are novel if not the easiest to eat. Friendly warning . . . give them a wide berth if you are planning a dinner party for friends. Instead of being the ‘hostess with the mostess’ you may end up a slightly deranged hunchback. No stylists were harmed in the making of these but tweezers came out and that’s all we’re saying!!



Jessica Bennetto
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