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9 Apr

My Burberry Black

The 160-year-old story of Burberry has culminated in this one beautiful moment. A company built on innovation and creating a world of possibility, the My Burberry series of perfumes are their brand’s essence, classical and steadfast and yet so new and rich. A scent that speaks of the people who might wear it.





It hits your nose for the first time and transports you to places you can only dream of being. A jasmine filled secret garden, drenched in sun, making the smell burst forth as you run your hand along the petals. Clouds cover the sky and the air is filled with the scent of a preemptive storm, as it transports you to a tunnel filled with roses, the largest your eyes have ever beheld. A deeper note then rolls in, gently dragging you into your childhood, as you close your eyes and bite into the sweet nectar of a peach. All of this is grounded in amber patchouli, a deep and unapologetic finish.


Perfume is an intimate and truthful portrayal of a person, the note of life in which we live, the one space where we cannot lie to ourselves.We need to resonate with a fragrance in order to use it daily, it lives on our skin and breathes new life. What will it say about you? Burberry is for the explorer, the adventurer, the inventor.


FOOTNOTE: I brought the first My Burberry for my mum for Christmas 2 years ago.I fell in love with the scent and have been wearing it ever since. We shot My Burberry along with some of They’re Wonted’s other favourites for the blog a few months ago and couldn’t resist covering their new addition My Burberry, Black . Perfect for cooler weather, you’ll want to pair this heady scent with all your favourite winter ensembles.


Daniella du Plessis
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