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9 Mar

Cereal Killer Cafe

I have long had a love affair with cereal. Frosties and Fruit loops are my Achilles heel. On a recent trip to London, I knew I had a pilgrimage to make.



Identical twins from Belfast, Alan and Gary Keery, were struck with the idea for Cereal Killer Café one hungover morning when the craving for cereal and chocolate milk occurred. They weathered, failed crowd funding and plenty of doubt to bring their vision of 80’s and 90’s nostalgia to light.



Their original Shoreditch space is full of colourful boxes and memorabilia. Accused by some locals of gentrification, the twins prefer to call it economic development in an area where creative ideas work. They have proved their doubters wrong and opened the second store in Camden complete with single ninja turtle clad beds to eat in, and most recently a third in Birmingham and a forth in Kuwait.




American and British cereals are crammed on the shelves alongside more exotic international options from far-flung Israel and Korea. Cereal Café offers 30 varieties of milk. Chocolate milk is popular and for the more adventurous pistachio or pumpkin spice. Toppings of nuts, candy’s and Oreos are available in case you didn’t have enough to choose from.

If you’re in the mood to let the professionals pick for you, then these cereal cocktails will make you happy:

Chocopottomus (coco pops / krave / kinder happy hippo / chocolate milk)

Shooty Shooty Bang Bang (krave / milky way magic stars / popping candy chocolate / white chocolate milk)

Miss American Pie (applejacks / cinnamon cheerios / whipped cream / digestive biscuit / custard milk )

And much more . . .




When you’re next in London, don’t miss out on this experience. And if all else fails, add some M & M’s and Woolies chocolate milk to your next bowl of cornflakes and haul out your old Marvel bedspread to eat it under.






Dillon du Plessis
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  • Marcia Botha

    I’m completely smitten with those cereal boxes! Hmmm, future kitchen “wallpaper” ideas, methinks. This place was undeniably created just for you, Dill, the original cereal killer.

    March 11, 2017 at 8:51 am Reply

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