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27 Jan

Let it RAIN

The Swahili word for calm is ‘Shrawi’ and it embodies RAIN, this company have an extraordinary ethos and their quiet integrity is felt in their products

A beautiful linen box arrived at our offices and the scent of lemongrass coming from it gave us a hunch of who it might be from. Delighted, we discovered RAIN’s new range of Fizzballs, Butterballs and bath bomb treats.










We are making ourselves feel old here, reminiscing about the 90’s, but just like grunge and last year’s brief flirtation with chokers, the decade of Nirvana and fizz balls seems to be having an organic revival. Pinterest is laden with pictures of unicorn coloured, scented bombs turning bath tubs into psychedelic swirls, of pearlescent rainbow water.

Our muted sensibilities are partial to Rains grown up version of blushed hues and earthy scents, Making us feel more sophisticated, woman indulging in down time rather than hysterical 16-year-old obsessed with bath products (okay, we’re obsessed with bath products)

Having the license to gush over petals suspended in translucent soaps and scooping speckled bath salts into little bags, is pretty amazing. Is it just us or was it not very feminist or 00’s to discuss at length whether you’re a floral or citrus note kind of gal. The truth of the matter is, we are complex creatures, we love tea and (the odd biscuit) as much as Matcha and Pilates, and we love our careers and playing arrange our pretty products around the bath tub equally too.










Our re-romancing of the classic fizz ball (a.k.a reason to wallow in lemony tea for unreasonable amounts of time) has made us decide that life is too short to face without fizz balls. On that note RAIN  please continue to bring us internationally fair trade products that are free from parabens and petroleum jelly. Beautiful ranges of thoughtfully created products that aren’t tested on animals. Lastly, thank you for saying no to Petrochemicals and child labour on our behalf.

In turn, we’ll continue to wander through your heady-stores, mixing oils and trying 17 testers before we decide on our loot. One does not simply leave behind, Savannah bath salts and Mongongo nut-rich body butter.

We took on the arduous task of testing the following bath bombs for you, it wasn’t easy but here are our findings.



When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

Clean and invigorating at the same time, it cannot be rushed and we found that it married well with a buttery crisp chardonnay (very icy). To fully enjoy its benefits, dissolve in warm bath, lock door and enjoy. Air dry in the garden in an obscenely fluffy robe with a second glass of Chardonnay. This fizzball filled with lemongrass essential oils is a natural antiseptic.











Reach for the Moon and You Will Land Among The Stars

An altogether moodier experience, the activated bamboo charcoal detoxifies your skin. Once again this ritual needs time and is well suited to a flute of Cap de Classique. Finish off with good lingerie (okay fine, comfy jammies! But not the ones with holes!) and enjoy the lingering perfume of moisturising coconut oil.


Pomegranate Heart

What Fills the Heart Bubbles to the Surface

Now, this fruity fizzy wonder is the wild child, it pairs well with weekends, views and holidays. Pomegranate and mandarin essential oils help with circulation and pairing this with a deep Merlot help everything else.

Each fizz ball contains a surprise centre to add even more delightful whimsy to the experience and we can’t wait to start working our way through the new butter ball range. These decadent spheres hold the nourishing benefits of cocoa seed butter, shea nut butter and coconut oil. Cleopatras Gold & Milk Ball is laced with rice and coconut milk and is almost too pretty to use. In the practice of self-love and worthiness, I can’t wait to slip this little beauty into my tub and watch the theatre unfold.










Our findings

The fizz balls and butter balls are both made with natural oils which left our skin feeling soft and nourished. They do leave a slight oily residue in one’s tub so please don’t shatter you’re new found bliss with a Hollywood-worthy ‘bath slip’ on your way out! Rain’s care comes through in so many little details, the thoughtful instruction notes on each fizz ball or the evident fun they have had dreaming up this new range. The problem with RAIN is you’ll pop in for a fizz ball and you’ll leave with so much more, don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Please soak responsibly! On days that aren’t too stressful, quick showers are still preferable and a pleasure with RAIN’s shower gels and shampoos Joburg is still not in the clear with the Vaal dam teetering and Cape Town and Durbs are in even worse shape. Use your grey water for your garden & cleaning floors. Use your fizz balls to add indulgence rather than filling the tub to overflowing. We are advocating relaxation here but not Marie Antoinette behaviour, you know how it ended for her.

A very special thank you to Rain for our beautiful gifts.


Jessica Bennetto
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