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9 Jan

The New Kid On The Block

It is officially 2017 and we’re kicking off the year with a makeup review. This makeup brand hit the country with a bang and people were losing their most sensible minds over it.




However, I am as I have come to discover not like most people, I avoid big crowds like the plague and much prefer my Woolies Latte to all this newfangled caramel macchiato nonsense that is Starbucks. I avoided Zara and H&M when they first hit our shores (who would queue for that), and slip into Sandton after dark to avoid the crowds. One of the items listed on my upcoming Euro trip is a guillotine museum in Paris and tucked away behind pens, papers and books are where I find my lofty comforts.




So you can imagine my dismay that a new makeup store would be clogging the ever bustling passageways of Sandton for the upcoming festive season shop (the hoopla over this new store would last months). Braving the shops one afternoon, and heading over to Typo for my usual array of offensive and somewhat witty Christmas cards I wandered past a shop that heightened my OCD senses. 3ina or should I say Mina stood there in all its black and white splendour, the white boxes with their block of colours perfectly arranged in Pantone ordered delight. Going inside to take a peek around I was greeted by friendly yet contained staff with helpful opinions, yet still maintaining boundaries. You don’t get the sense that they want to pawn off as much product on you as possible. I was allowed to wander at whim and see what products caught my fancy. This might seem like a normal thing for someone to do, however, I am a smorgasbord of anxieties, difficult and highly strung make me a complete delight in the shops. Once I find an item I like I cannot help but grow an unhealthy attachment that no other product could ever live up too. So with my habit of settling into my creature comforts, my instant love for the Mina products took me by surprise. Having made up my mind I left swearing to return with my other-half at hand to fill up my Christmas wish list.




I returned with gusto, having convinced Grant that I would simply die of unhappiness without these treasures. We purchased the primer, the eye primer, eye shadow, blush, powder compact, bronzer, concealer and BB Cream. I will explain some of these products at length in a moment, however, I need to end this ramble by mentioning that 3ina is a cruelty-free brand and all their makeup is paraben free as well as highly affordable (so if you’re not already shopping there get on it, I mean now, stop reading this and go).




The Revitalising Primer: A super-light, water-based primer that acts as a smoothing base for make-up. The radiant finish leave skin refreshed and protects from sun damage. Apply in small circular motions all over a clean face, paying special attention to areas that need a little extra attention. Contains SPF 30. Paraben-free.

The Eye Primer: A vitamin-infused primer that nourishes skin around the eye as well as powering up your eye make-up. Expect longer-lasting eyeshadow and a boost to your colour. Paint this primer over cleansed eyelids focusing on any creases or dry areas. Paraben-free. Apricot kernel oils leave skin feeling soft and smooth. Rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B17 and E, which improve skin elasticity. Contains Vitamin E to protect the skin from pollution and UV rays. Free of mineral oils. Paraben-free.

The Cream Eyeshadow: A long lasting eyeshadow for intense, magnetic colour for all day wear. Waterproof. Paraben free.

The Blush: Sweep this illuminating mineral blush over the cheeks with ‘The Blush Brush’ for an instant natural glow. Tiny light-reflective particles ensure skin looks fresher, while a cashmere-soft texture makes blending easy

The BB Cream: This sheer BB cream evens and brightens skin tone. It also actively treats the damage caused by daily stresses such as pollution and air conditioning. Apply this blemish balm in the morning to moisturised skin using ‘The Make Up Sponge’ or ‘The Foundation Brush’. Contains SPF 30. Paraben-free

The Eyes and Lips Make Up Remover: This intelligent eye and lip make-up remover acts like an oil but feels like water. Powerful enough to remove makeup, but gentle enough to use around sensitive eyes. The distilled rosewater formula is even kind on eyelashes. To remove stubborn eye makeup, soak a cotton pad in the remover and run it along the lash line.

The only small complaint I have is the limited amount of colours available in their BB creams and Foundations as I am a somewhat sickly blue-white colour, all of their colours were far too brown in tone for me. So after that one mildly disappointing purchase I will be sticking to my ivory toned foundation for now.

Visit their stand-alone stores in Sandton and Eastgate

Daniella du Plessis
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