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27 Jan

Let it RAIN

The Swahili word for calm is ‘Shrawi’ and it embodies RAIN, this company have an extraordinary ethos and their quiet integrity is felt in their products A beautiful linen box arrived at our offices and the scent of lemongrass coming from it gave us a hunch of who it might be from. Delighted, we discovered RAIN’s new range of Fizzballs, Butterballs and bath bomb treats.             We are making ourselves feel old here, reminiscing about the 90’s, but just like grunge and last year's brief flirtation with chokers, the decade of Nirvana and fizz balls seems to be having an organic revival. Pinterest is laden with pictures of unicorn coloured, scented bombs turning bath tubs into psychedelic swirls, of pearlescent rainbow water. Our muted...
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19 Jan

An Art Deco Whisper

New years resolutions are still fresh in our minds, and my very generic ideal to say 'yes' to so much more this year has had a rocky start. Venturing out of my comfort zone doesn't come naturally to me.       Whilst brave (I like to think) I am the oxford dictionary antithesis of adventurous, I married up in that department. In the spirit of 'yes', I agreed to a truffle pig mission deep into the maize triangle in search of a bygone era. South Africa’s vast beauty and seemingly endless secrets shouldn’t still surprise me, but a speckling of Art Deco buildings reminiscent of the iconic pastel glamour of Miami definitely did.     What strikes one about Springs is her forgotten quality. There is no...
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9 Jan

The New Kid On The Block

It is officially 2017 and we're kicking off the year with a makeup review. This makeup brand hit the country with a bang and people were losing their most sensible minds over it.     However, I am as I have come to discover not like most people, I avoid big crowds like the plague and much prefer my Woolies Latte to all this newfangled caramel macchiato nonsense that is Starbucks. I avoided Zara and H&M when they first hit our shores (who would queue for that), and slip into Sandton after dark to avoid the crowds. One of the items listed on my upcoming Euro trip is a guillotine museum in Paris and tucked away behind pens, papers and books are where I find...
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