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21 Nov

Seoul South Korea

Being a 90s baby in SA we were not exactly on the map.

Unknown to those around us (I’m mostly speaking to you America) we heard big and fancy words like Paris, Milan, New York and London and were awestruck by them, you thought if I could just get there my life would be made.

Alas, my giant foes of glamour, “the times they are a changing”, (thank you, Dylan). With the explosion of the internet, YouTubers, bloggers and buzzwords the world has seen somewhat of a levelling out. Little guys are getting their time to shine and the more obscure capital cities are making their individual marks on the fashion landscape. Seoul South Korea is one of those examples, this Fashion obsessed capital has finally made its way to the big leagues (in case you’re wondering by big leagues I mean Vogue).

The people of Seoul have created their own dynamic discourse within fashion, you see pop culture mixed in with global references. They have taken inspiration from the punk culture and the 90s grunge movement and interspersed it with their traditional dress, thus creating something entirely their own.

Take a look below at the wonder of South Korean Street Style and keep a look out for more obscure and wonderful countries making a name for themselves in fashion.

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Daniella du Plessis
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