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21 Nov

Seoul South Korea

Being a 90s baby in SA we were not exactly on the map. Unknown to those around us (I'm mostly speaking to you America) we heard big and fancy words like Paris, Milan, New York and London and were awestruck by them, you thought if I could just get there my life would be made. Alas, my giant foes of glamour, "the times they are a changing", (thank you, Dylan). With the explosion of the internet, YouTubers, bloggers and buzzwords the world has seen somewhat of a levelling out. Little guys are getting their time to shine and the more obscure capital cities are making their individual marks on the fashion landscape. Seoul South Korea is one of those examples, this Fashion obsessed capital...
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17 Nov

Pimp My Street Kitchen

Africa is a continent full of strong and resilient women. Women who choose to fight every day despite their circumstances, they get up and they find a way to work in order to put food on the table, for not only their children but their grandchildren as well. Three of these women Ali, Busi and Johanna are street vendors who formed businesses out of unemployment and a need for income. Their stories inspired the creative collective Being Frank started by Jo Theron, Shannon Davis and Kirsten Townsend, to start Pimp My Street Kitchen, this project is aimed at helping these ladies grow their businesses. This Project is broken into two parts: Part one is to supply them with newly rebranded health and safety compliant, trailers through crowdfunding. Part two...
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15 Nov

6 Ways To Avoid Hotel Disasters

Tis the holiday season soon and it got me thinking about festive exhaustion syndrome . . .   I need, to begin with, a small disclaimer. I do not judge but rather am in awe of those free spirits amongst us, who couch surf, Air BnB with reckless abandon and hitchhike their way around the globe. You are braver than I could ever dream of being. Whilst my many neuroses no doubt hold me back from dancing with Shaman at dawn. I can only accept who I am. I was recently regaled with a haunting tale of a lovely couple, who shared about their trip to Mauritius with me. Inspired by Instagram accounts and bolstered by clever sales pitches like 'sleeping under...
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8 Nov

Collaboration Editorial

Creativity thrives on collaboration, and that is how this month's They're Wonted Editorial came to life.                             When we first met Debby Van Der Veer from Blandat earlier this year, we were instantly drawn to her intense energy and tenacity towards her creations. Debby's fabrics erupt in an amalgamation of colours, patterns and techniques, all of which thrive in every environment in which they come to live. Debby's main focus is on creating the textiles themselves, what you choose to create from them is up to your own imagination. I have seen these works of art, as chairs and wallpaper, as cushions and kimonos, as shoes and even bags, there truly are no limitations. To see more of Blandat's work visit her Website and...
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