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21 Oct

Stilbaai G n T’s

Upon returning from a recent trip to the USA, my husband kept expressing his relief to be home. His complaint, he found it all together rather vanilla. To be fair he was ensconced deep in Trump country, he yearned for a cosmopolitan city and the peppery rocket salad that sits on our dining table most evenings.untitled-5

gin_02I have expressed my insatiable love for our continent before, I am unapologetically, hopelessly, unequivocally in love with this place. I know we are facing an uncertain future with our tertiary education system, literally burning. Our beautiful country is currently being ruled by gangsters and thugs, posing as politicians and entrepreneurial families.

I can’t help being optimistic, despite these seemingly insurmountable challenges. Perhaps, indomitable hope is Madiba’s greatest legacy to us. We must be cautious to not take Joburg’s irrepressible spirit and smiling faces, colour and music for granted.

We love celebrating local, at They’re Wonted, from the endless vistas of the Cape to the bright tropical beauty of KZN. What better product to celebrate this Summer, than the success story that is, Inverroche gin. The coastal resort town of Stilbaai is home to South Africa’s first gin distillery. This family started the now growing local interest in small distilleries. They focus on making gin from fynbos and are deservedly decorated with multiple awards. This very British tipple with its Imperial history can now be called South African as well.untitled-1

gin_19untitled-2We were inspired by impressionist paintings and wanted to create vignettes to show off Inverroche’s elegant beauty. The amount of work and passion that has gone into creating this Gin is nothing short of art. To the Scott family, thank you for creating something we can all be so proud of and for giving us yet another reason to gather friends and find a stoep.

We’ll be drinking ours with fizzy pink lemonade & fresh lavender. Fitch & Leeds tonic water with fynbos or cucumber and lemon thrown in. Our herbaceous, almost Christmas appropriate version has raspberries, rosemary and pink peppercorns.untitled-3gin_06

untitled-4Perhaps it’s naive to think that small victories can either distract us or ultimately give us the strength to continue. When we look at all the local artists and bloggers and designers who we admire, it bolsters our spirits. Every corporate who does their bit to pay it forward. Each person who’s making a difference in their own way let us not forget that at the end of the day, this is our country and we’re all worth the fight.


Jessica Bennetto
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