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17 Oct

Flat Mules, I Need You

There is some sort of joyful wonder in hearing the scrape, scrape, of flat mules on the floor, it says I have this fashion deal down and I’m loving it.

However,  if this noise makes you want to commit murder, I do apologise, this is the shoe trend of the moment and it seems like it’s here to stay.



These shoes are reminiscent of everything you hated about the late 90s and early 2000s, nonetheless, you find yourself drawn in despite your head saying no, your heart is screaming yes. We need these shoes we need Capri’s and loose flowing linen garments to make us feel like we have hit fashion nirvana. I want to Olsen myself in the face this season. 

Despite my very real love affair with mules, and honing my inner fashion girl you need to know a sad and truthful secret, they are not very comfortable and you might at some point eat gravel, (actually this is guaranteed). Wearing mules or slides, in fact, any sort of currently cool shoe will make you feel like you’re hanging onto the preverbal leather cliff that is the soles beneath your feet. Toes might stay permanently curled over after wearing them and feet will cramp instantly. I must say though the masculine chic that is achieved through wearing them might make it all worth it. 


If diving straight into a toe clutching frenzy is not your thing then opt for a high heel mule or a pair like the ones I brought from Superbalist with a strap at the back, no cliff hanging needed. They will hold you tight and tell you they love you all day long. 


Despite the negativities involved in this trend I have fallen for it hook line and slipper ;). It has been the first pair of shoes since pumps hit the scene and then died, that feels like a classic staple in which anchor your wardrobe. We are now all free from the basic connotations that come with ballet pumps.

xoxo Gossip Girl. ( I apologise Netflix brings out the worst in me).

Silver Mules: Mr Price

Black Mules: Superbalist

Daniella du Plessis
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