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30 Oct


Roald Dahl's beloved fictional character Willy Wonka said: “We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.” Spending time with James and Amy I know this to be true, they are creative and strong, steadfast in the vision for their future. Lumin is a coalescence of two very different personalities, backgrounds and cultures, that somehow come together in a chaotic unity. It is altogether magnificent and well-considered design, I would wear every piece. If you could both have dinner with any fashion designer dead or alive who would it be? Not necessarily a designer - but a fashion influencer and icon, we'd love to have dinner with Iris Apfel. She's the complete opposite of what LUMIN is about, but her...
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25 Oct

African Design

Yes, this article may have cheesy beginnings, nevertheless whilst watching BBC Earth - Africa on Netflix, I felt myself becoming all romantic and nationalistic. Life in Africa is one of constant turmoil and uncertainty, as David Attenborough's voice rings majestically out the speakers about how only the strong survive, I think to myself this pertains to the humans of Africa too (Corny as that might be). Loyalty and a sense of patriotism run through my veins thus I will list a few of my favourite Female designers from across Africa. WAIF Cape Town based jewellery designer Gisele Human's work has my heart. Delicate brass ornaments that can not only be worn but also deserve to be framed and observed from a distance. Stirred by nature and asymmetrical forms,...
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21 Oct

Stilbaai G n T’s

Upon returning from a recent trip to the USA, my husband kept expressing his relief to be home. His complaint, he found it all together rather vanilla. To be fair he was ensconced deep in Trump country, he yearned for a cosmopolitan city and the peppery rocket salad that sits on our dining table most evenings. I have expressed my insatiable love for our continent before, I am unapologetically, hopelessly, unequivocally in love with this place. I know we are facing an uncertain future with our tertiary education system, literally burning. Our beautiful country is currently being ruled by gangsters and thugs, posing as politicians and entrepreneurial families. I can't help being optimistic, despite these seemingly insurmountable challenges. Perhaps, indomitable hope is...
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17 Oct

Flat Mules, I Need You

There is some sort of joyful wonder in hearing the scrape, scrape, of flat mules on the floor, it says I have this fashion deal down and I'm loving it. However,  if this noise makes you want to commit murder, I do apologise, this is the shoe trend of the moment and it seems like it's here to stay.   These shoes are reminiscent of everything you hated about the late 90s and early 2000s, nonetheless, you find yourself drawn in despite your head saying no, your heart is screaming yes. We need these shoes we need Capri's and loose flowing linen garments to make us feel like we have hit fashion nirvana. I want to Olsen myself in the face this season.  Despite...
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7 Oct

3 Sorbets For Summer

How to have your bubbly and eat it . . .         Sorbet is something I am only a recent convert to, I always viewed it as the bankrupt cousin of ice cream. I have found that the refreshing icy treat does, in fact, have a certain allure. Pretty bottles of normally obscure aperitifs keep the mixture from freezing too solid. A teaspoon of honey serves to stop ice crystals from forming, and with that secret in your arson, only your imagination limits the fun that can be had. In the spirit of being a very bad housewife, is it important that the bread is baked by my own fair hands? If it’s made with love and triple A flour and enjoyed with...
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