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30 Aug

Denim Jacket

A modern anchor of the male capsule wardrobe?Levis_03

Previously thought to be too working class, too all American, too rugged. The humble denim jacket with its wild west history has cemented classic status. No longer just an unfashionable item of fashion.

Dispel thoughts of the Marlboro cowboy, take away John Travolta and the fur collar, banish punks and beat poets. The world is done rebelling against establishment and their Savile Row suits. Denim is the new suit for many and has risen through the ranks from rebel statement to defining a new wave of professionals.levis_01 Levis_06 Levis_05 Levis_04

Masculine and versatile, keep the lines clean and the denim medium in weight and tone.

Traditional outerwear or layered, the denim jacket is classic cool, never try hard. Paired with a simple grey or white tee it is still seasonally appropriate in the warmer months. The double denim look, requires a darker denim on the bottom and well fitted cuts for a casual look that is current and not too reminiscent of 1990’s style.

Levis quintessential cool status was cemented by bad boys James Dean and Steve McQueen’s endorsement of the denim jacket in the 50’s and 60’s. In my humble opinion they always have and always will make the best version.

In an age of cautious consumerism and media exhaustion. Are we more and more drawn to substance over micro trends, to encapsulated wardrobes over rooms of brand hype spur of the moment buys?

What makes it into your time capsule?



Dillon du Plessis
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