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26 Aug

A Quest Like No Other . . .



We are the brand you’ll want to age with – Derma Quest


Not many other topics make me tread cautiously like beauty. My gift of the gab has gotten me into my share of trouble in life. I was always encouraged to have an opinion and as a result, my voice can tend to reign relatively unchecked.

The topic of beauty, however, renders me mindful and slightly scared. As a woman, it’s a sensitive topic, not wanting to base our value on it but craving it all the same.

In ancient Egypt, women prized magical power wielding mud from the banks of the Nile river and continuously through the ages we have put our faith in little pots of wonder and promise. Our skin has always been a measure of health and attractiveness. An ode to our cultural lot in this world and our biggest organ, our epidermal wrapping deserves care and respect.

Derma Quest is a company with research based in ‘plant stem cell technology’, a tagline ‘we are luxury bottled’ and products rich in peptides and vitamins. Their ethics extend to not testing on animals and investing vast amounts of time and research into their products.  All good signs, but still not quite enough for us at ‘They’re Wonted’. We are ‘shrews’ about our pennies too, we have all been burned by pretty bottles and long ingredient lists. Derma Quest is a luxury brand and while their prices reflect this, the difference is results that you can see and feel.




We have been using their products since having our ‘green peels’ at Laserderm. We wanted a range that would prolong the glowing benefits that the Dr Shrammek treatment bestowed upon us. We found the Derma Quest Pumpkin Mask a wonderful cleansing and hydrating, at home treatment to use between peels.

We were lucky enough to review the following products for you, we promise our next beauty review will once again be down to earth, we solemnly swear to not go full ‘Goop’ on you! You will not be more beautiful with Derma Quest in your life, it won’t give you a face lift or landing you your dream job. What you will be, is more confident to wear less makeup. You will also be imbued with that warm feeling that you know you are doing the best for your skin, in terms of topical treatments.

We all know stress is a modern day killer contributing to countless disorders, ailments and disease. It is also one of the biggest factors affecting our skin. Our faces can offer vital clues into our good-being. Digestive issues can cause horizontal lines across your forehead, pimples can indicate hormonal fluctuations and liver and stomach congestion. Dark under eye circles was always thought to point to a lack of sleep but in fact can be the result of food intolerances and iron deficiencies.

With these undeniable connections lifestyle and clean eating play a huge role in our skin health, this coupled with how seriously we take sun exposure and our genetic lottery, mean we should strive to at least control the factors that we can. In a bid to ease our ageing wrapping into a more ‘Diane Keaton rescue’ direction than ‘Donatella Von Crispy Versace’ might we suggest a little Derma Quest splurge this Summer.




~ C  Infusion Serum ~

Active BV – OSC & orange stem cells.

Gently tones & tightens

Protects skin from harmful free radicals that cause fine lines wrinkles

Powerful, nourishing anti-oxidants



~ Pumpkin Mask ~

Antibacterial pumpkin pulp

Rich in enzymes that actively digest excess skin cells

AHA’s gently decongest clogged pores for a polished complexion

Ideal for mild forms of acne & pigmentation


~ Derma Clear Pads ~

Clarifying pads remove impurities & excess oils

Salicylic acid penetrates skin to reduce impactions & clogged pores

Cooling exfoliating pads



~ Algae Polishing Scrubs ~

Cooling scrub with jojoba beads to remove excess skin

Gentle exfoliation

Deeply hydrating

Scrub actually primes skin for water absorption

Whilst algae extract soothes inflammation



~ Sheer Zinc SPF 30 ~

Broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection

Soothes & heals the skin

Scavenges free radicals

Physical sunblock

Application is smooth and silky for light coverage

Three gorgeous tinted shades


We didn’t review the brand new Derma Quest Stem Cell 3D Luxury Collection, it is the result of all of Derma Quests ‘plant stem cell technology’  research and we are hearing amazing things already, please let us know all about your experience if you are able to indulge in this new range.

The Derma Quest range is available at various beauty clinics nationwide and at all Laserderms. Pop into your nearest Laserderm and their informed team will be able to assist you in choosing the correct product for your needs.




Jessica Bennetto
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