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18 Aug

8 Reasons you’ll want Bourjois in your bag

I sometimes feel I am the sunny, slightly chintzy counterpart to my sister, she’s a fan of winter, posh boots, cashmere, fireplaces & high-end Euro street style. The girl is a veritable Emily Bronte novel to my fluffy beach read.




I crave warmth, a smattering of seasonal dysfunction disorder is definitely lurking in me. I see winter as a personal affront to my ability to exist, Mother Nature testing my limits. Therefore I get extremely excited before spring has even sprung and can’t wait to bring you all more posts about what we are using and loving at They’re Wonted HQ this season.




Look out for frozen wine cocktails, Derma Quest products for any need, kitschy dresses re-purposed with an edge, hydrating facial sprays, holiday reads, how to spend Saturdays curating a fledgeling art collection, and frozen yoghurt all over this town. (Someone has to taste it all, so you don’t have too!)




Bar a few barefaced, brave beauties who we have ‘bow down’ respect for. Most of us find ourselves more able to face the day with a smudge of product on our faces. ‘Mad Men’ levels of glamour and painting our faces for hours is at best impractical and at worst undesired. Dry shampoo and a quick slick of lippy & base on route from Pilates to meetings and school runs are more our speed these days. We want a mousse like consistency, that’ll glide on with a provided sponge and transform us in our car mirror in seconds. Summer heat sometimes calls for a similar dusting of mattifying powder as a final flourish. Yes I know, light and dewy is in fashion but African heat can be a game changer and there is a fine line between dewy and sopping wet. Crying from your facial pores, looking like you crawled out of Bikram yoga clinging to your mortal coil is not a good look. Except for when you are right outside a Bikram yoga studio, in which case, hats off, you’re a ‘she hero’.




Said life changing hack also needs to be compact, stylish and be as natural and easy going on our skin as possible. It shouldn’t cost the earth, as we need one in our gym bag, handbag, car, office and home. It should also be pretty, more Givenchy, glossy French beauty brand vibes than bargain bin, are we difficult? Or just informed and not very willing to compromise?




Never fear, Bourjois, have done it all, a sleek little black number, ready to brighten, freshen, cool, soothe and cover. The sponge is washable, although we doubt the compact will last long enough for that need to arise.




The BB Cream compact is as it says in the name decadently creamy, and the silk effect powder compact is light and doesn’t cake. They both offer light to medium coverage, but we found when you layer both, a heavier coverage can be achieved. An extra lick of the BB cream and light dusting of the silk effects powder under the eyes doubles up nicely as a concealer. The powder compact leaves you feeling confident throughout the day if you have oily or combination skin. No need to wash your face, climb into a freezer or use a whole box of blotting paper! The struggle is real with boob sweat and thigh chafe, if you aren’t in possession of the elusive and potentially dangerous (if you aren’t naturally a string bean), thigh gap, these issues keep us busy enough. Therefore any treats that can help us glide through my happy season, cool, calm and collected are welcome.




~ This little baby’s resume reads like Meryl Streep’s ~

Evening ~ Smoothing ~ Targeted correction

Anti-fatigue ~ Anti-shine ~ Anti-ageing

Hydration ~ SPF 20



We have only one issue with the Bourjois compacts, they come in a limited range of shades like their liquid counterparts. Boirjous are an amazing company that bring us thoughtful makeup designed for a modern woman. Therefore they need to come out with a lot more shades of compacts and liquid base to properly represent the wondrous spectrum of beauty that woman come in.

 We sincerely hope they address this soon, a sad aspect to an otherwise beautiful makeup line.

Bourjois is available locally at most Clicks stores.

Jessica Bennetto
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