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11 Aug

Spring Skin – Caribbean Style

With spring around the corner, and the inevitable unveiling of limbs creeping nearer. We start to think about sun-kissed glows, exfoliating and shimmery balms promising pearlescent radiance.


Us lasses at ‘They’re Wonted’ have taken up the challenge for you and have been trawling the aisles filling our baskets with coconut infused ‘self-tanners’. We asked beauty therapists for their tips on how to emerge more goddess than gaudy. It’s all about embracing subtlety and not giving into UV ray temptations and the lure of Essex, come now ladies, we know better than that now.


As I sit writing this piece on Woman’s Day, I can’t help but contemplate the importance of why we make the litany of beauty regime decisions that we do. With endless images, information & expectations that the media throw our way, decision fatigue is a reality. We have earned the hard-won right to root our decisions in self-expression rather than societal pressure. With this mindfulness and spirit of self-acceptance, we cautiously delve into the world of ‘tanning’ if it should interest you. I have been scorched by the sun, roasted in vertical sunbeds, embraced my pale skin, been sprayed sticky with orange self-tans and scrubbed myself raw with lemon juice. Hence I was reluctant to try anything again, but felt tempted by a golden glow for an upcoming wedding and thought why not dabble in some investigative torture to bring you a hopefully more fail proof recipe for success.



The secret to any successful tanning exercise is the prep work. Like an artist’s canvas, one must de-fluff, exfoliate and pre moisturise all surfaces. I was loathe to spend even more than what I had to fork out for my bottles of fake sun glory, on scratchy scrubs to loafer off winter cell build up with. To be brutally honest, I also decided to start experimenting on my balcony mid-Sunday (apologies to all neighbours who were potentially blinded by my scantily clad body). Without option, I was forced to raid my kitchen to perform some alchemy.


~Homemade Cinnamon & Rose Scrub~


 2 cups light brown organic sugar (not bleached)

 olive oil

1 tbsp warm coconut oil

 2 tbsp dried crushed rose petals

 3 drops rose water

~Mix ingredients together in a ceramic bowl or glass jar, the mixture doesn’t dissolve and keeps well~

Shave your legs with warm water to soften the hair and lots of men’s shaving cream, then gently exfoliate with your bowl of homemade scrub, focusing on your knees, elbows and heels. Hop into the shower and use a moisturising soap to rinse off. Once nice and dry you are buffed and moisturised and ready to proceed.


Our whittled down winner is the fabulous ‘Caribbean Self Tan, Tan in a Can’.  Preferably rope in a partner in crime at this stage. Give your ‘Caribbean Tan in a Can’ a vigorous shake and head out to your balcony or garden. Holding the tin 25 cm away, spray a thin even layer all over the fleshy bits you wish to bronze. The nozzle works well and the fine mist is forgiving, it doesn’t run or drip. I will say, though, that because the colour isn’t instant, you won’t have a definite indication of exactly where you have sprayed, hence a competent accomplice can be useful. My first attempt revealed a perfectly white airstrip down the back of each thigh.


We found with our fair complexions that a full second spray two days later gave us the tone we craved and helped to even out the overall look. We did a third spray on our legs as well to make them match the rest of our bodies. That said my husband wasn’t even sure I was in possession of legs for the first few months of dating, I take these puppies out so rarely, people are always shocked, causing stares, which results in further hibernation.

We chose ‘Dove’s Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion’ to look after and extend our tan, it does smell like the lobby in a club med resort but its golden colour can’t be beaten. Its gradual colour builds beautifully and we got so many compliments on our complexion after a few days of using it. It is gentle enough to use once a week on your neck and face as well. Rub a lemon slice between your hands after applying and give them a good wash to avoid the product building up and causing dreaded ‘orange paw syndrome’.

We used to be scornful and weary of internet dating sites, online books and self-tan lotions. Now that we know that, meeting your true love on the internet happens every day around the world, that while they will never completely replace their bound counterparts, online books open up a whole world of delicious pages and that not all self-tan lotions will render you orange and unable to leave the house! We need to move forward bravely and embrace change.


The Caribbean Range is our new obsession (for lack of a better word) in the office. It comes in 3 different colours labelled A, B & C, they work according to your skin type. The packaging is surprisingly high end for the price and the scent is light and fresh.

With spray tans and big brand tanning products leaving you spending thousands or giving up completely. We are excited to bring you an effective, price sensitive solution.

For scars & pigmentation that you feel self-conscious about, ‘Coverderm’ in a shade similar to your new glow is still the best for coverage and the ultimate last minute life saver for those functions that sneak up on you. Mix in a one-third ratio to a rich body lotion and moisturise legs, go over and dab on extra for coverage on any areas that need it. Finish with a dusting of shimmer from your makeup bag and you’re good to go.

Last but not least, ‘Derma Quest Sheer Zinc SPF30 Tinted Essentials’, is a splurge item, a beautiful super light tinted balm that will protect you from the harsh sun and ensure you don’t suffer breakouts in the heat. Combined with your weekly ‘Dove Shimmer Lotion’ you’re on track for a super light nude, dewy look for spring.



~You’ll Need~

unbleached sugar ~ olive oil ~ coconut oil ~ dried rose petals ~ rose water ~ cinnamon

fresh razors ~ shaving cream

Caribbean Self Tan, Tan in a Can ~ Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion ~ lemons

~A Few Tips From The Pro’s~

Don’t skip the scrub

Allow skin time to rest between shaving and spray tanning

Build thin layers to achieve the desired tone

Moisturize everyday

Use lemon to remove excess from knees, elbows & feet


Happy scrubbing, buffing and spraying! We hope you find your happy recipe for glowing success!


Jessica Bennetto
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