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26 Jul

DIY Your Denim

As the ultimate minimalist, I find DIY-ING anything challenging. Breaking out in cold sweats with a shaky hand, I take scissors or thread to a garment.



denim jacket_04

The thought of massacring an immaculately stitched thread or adding anything to a lovely simple garment is nothing short of sacrilege. I was never the girl to scrapbook. I was physically repelled by modge podge hodge lodge (or whatever you call it), and mosaics were meant to be thrown on the floor, in a sort of greek frenzy so that no one could stick it to their mirrors. Please note this is not in any way meant to be disparaging about crafts or craftiness, human beings often fear what we aren’t naturally offay with and it certainly doesn’t come naturally to me. 


In the case of someone trying to overcome a brain block, I set myself the challenge of a DIY I could stomach. Trawling through the mass of DIY projects and tomfoolery on the internets, I found myself slowly turning purple with rage. Switching gear to and Pinterest, the denim patch trend took my fancy. In the realm of true DIYers this hardly even makes it through the front door, however, I found it fun and oddly therapeutic. Even as a minimalist who aligns with everything based on restraint, I was just wanted to go buck wild. I suddenly let the full blown, mushroom tripping hippy, skipping through a field burst forth.

denim jacket_08

Off I went to Chamdor to get my patches because I had no idea Mr Price or Levis sold them. Forgive me, I’m a little special when it comes to rootling for crafty supplies. Once home I took to my jacket (whilst dancing to Janglin from Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros). Being iron on patches they were really easy to apply, however, I went round mine with a bit of needle and thread as the iron on’s tend to fall off after awhile. You just need that extra bit of security, like a good pair of spanks.

denim jacket_06

The result is very nineties yet still my modern take. It is a very constrained version of the jackets I have seen, but I loved it so much I might get someone to fully embroider a tiger jumping out of a field of daisies for my next one. I hit Woolworths with a BeeGees mantra playing in my brain and all rebellious swag bleeding from my pores. I felt very grease/Lourdes/rebel without a cause/ Gucciesque.

denim jacket_02

I’m still on the hunt for a watermelon and a packet of fries. I’m going to embroider Freida’s face to the front side. I might do a full feather trim along the bottom. Who knows what will take my fancy. Whether you are a master DIYer bravely altering garments with reckless abandon or a nervous novice like me, channel some 70’s love and have fun adding patches and fringe like Woodstock is calling.

Daniella du Plessis
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