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15 Jul

10 Ways To Dress Like The Olsen Twins

I have always been a somewhat strange individual. In my blissful adolescent years ( I was 12… I think) I ran around in strange denim culottes, skater shoes and band tees.


Olsen Twins 2

That year flicked-out and layered pixie cuts were all the rage. Think Dido circa 2002 in Stan. I decided that it would be a grand idea to give my hair the chop. Result grey tonal afro, not flicked pixie cut. So whilst I spent the time growing it out, the look was more like a raging lunatic Einstein than Dido. Between the dress code, my love for music far beyond my years and my polyphonic ‘Bigmouth Strikes Again’ ringtone. I was labelled weird, quirky, strange and anything else little girls can come up with. I must say though I was blissfully happy in my ignorance. Then puberty hit and I came to the realisation that I needed to be ‘pretty’ in order to “fit in”. Whatever the hell that meant at the time! I shed my quirky skin, grew my hair long, got a straightener and lipgloss, and dominated the heck out of my teen years as a mean girl. We all have to survive guys!

It was only upon my entry into fashion college that I began to find my voice again. Everything I used to love came flooding back. Vintage vogue trawling with my gran, rock from the 80s, Cat Stevens, masculine silhouettes and yes… maybe grey fros. Fast forward 4 years and lots of experimentation later, I finally feel like I’m finding my look. I am finally brave enough to say this is who I am and if you don’t like it you can take your be-ugged feet, and shove off.

Olsen Twins 3

One aesthetic I have grown to love, that is truly coveted by so many, are the Olsen Twins. Strange, beautiful and so desperately unattainable. In my search for an identity of my own, I was really inspired by their unapologetic image. The Olsen twins have gone through the same pre-adult fashion traumas that so many of you have. If you look through their style journey, they did some things that shocked the literal heck out of me! Ahem feather collars in baby pink and blue. So it’s great to see what they have become and that your style can develop into something amazing. Even if it had horrendous beginnings.

1 Always wear oversized silhouettes

The Olsen twins are known for wearing anything that looks like a potato sack made of wool, and I have to say I love it. The is not an easy look to pull off. It demands a certain self-assurance and swagger, to be like I’m jamming this sack and I love it!


2 Slip-Ons

Any sort of slip on shoe whether it be loafers Birkenstocks, sneakers or sandals. Mary-Kate and Ashley have it and rock it.


3 All Black

All black is a cardinal sin according to Anna Wintour and Iris Apfel however, they unashamadley make it work for them.


4 Long scarves

Big oversized scarves that can be draped and wrapped various times over are a must in the Olsen style sphere


5 Baggy sweaters

Long oversized baggy sweaters, with extra length sleeves. You literally need to look like you’ve climbed out of a tumble dryer. Once again I have to say I love it.


6 Blue shirts

Olsen twins know how to do it like the french women, with a masculine blue shirt.


7 Long Coats

Make your coats longer, the longer the better. A coat that hits the calf or ankle is the only way the Olsen twins know how to do it.


8 Old school Denim

Cropped denim, thick denim, vintage denim, frayed denim, slashed denim and faded denim! Just do it all! 


9 Cropped black trousers

Black trousers that skim the ankle, float above the ankle or somewhere in between.


10 Huge sunnies

The bigger the better, hide your face, hide your wives, hide your kids (funny not funny) (sorry not sorry). 


I’m majorly fan-girling on the Olsens and have Pinterest stalked them for years, mildly creeps I know, but I have a feeling I will continue to do so for some time yet.

Daniella du Plessis
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