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11 Jul

10 Reasons ‘Emervel’ is a great alternative to a Facelift

I’m a woman


Phenomenal woman,

That’s me.

– Maya Angelou




I love how the late ‘Maya Angelou’s” words sum up a woman’s allure so beautifully. Her powerful poem ‘Phenomenal Woman’ should be nestled gently in the back of our minds. Repeat it three times, be mindful of your worth and then proceed with whatever treatment adds to your smile.

For this ‘Laserderm Parkhurst’ blog post we bring you a rather remarkable facial filler treatment from Galderma, ‘Emervel’. Nella & I didn’t qualify for this particular treatment, so a dear family friend was asked to be our willing subject. Enter Tracey, a whirlwind of confidence, grace and glamour, business woman, mum of three and grandmother of two. Tracey was looking to hit the ‘refresh’ button without the often pulled, slightly startled look that a conventional face-lift can leave one with.

Being a young ‘Glamazon’ in the 70’s was about pushing boundaries and making love not war. Tracey and my mum can regale us with horrifying tales of basting themselves like festive birds (of the turkey variety) in cooking oil and lying out in the sun for hours. The ‘Cher’,’ Farrah Fawcett’ and ‘Goldie Hawn’ glow was a necessity. Beauty was about bleached, permed hair, scorched skin, skinny jeans that were wet and dried on you and crochet bikinis.

Fast forward 30 years and these beautiful women who carved a path for us to have it all, are deserving of some pampering. Our beauty aesthetic is definitely generally more aligned with European ideas, a natural, graceful approach rather than the more obvious routes our friends in the USA ( and Essex UK ) seem to dabble in.




‘Emervel’ is the Champagne (not Cham-Pain) of filler treatment options available at the moment. This dermal filler is a softer HA gel which closely resembles our bodies own HA molecules. This ‘Optimal Balance Technology’ is trademarked by ‘Emervel’ and results in a much lower rejection rate and more immediate skin restoration. These ‘HA’ molecules that we’ve just mentioned diminish over time with age and repeated sun damage. The skin loses its capacity to hold onto water as a result. Dehydration is what causes an ashen tone, wrinkles and sagging, just a like a peach that’s been picked and is starting to lose its plump, luscious volume, our faces begin to lose the youthful fullness they once had. This incredible non-invasive treatment can achieve all of these results at a lower cost and higher comfort level to you.




1. The filling of lines and wrinkles around the mouth

2. The addition of volume and contouring of lips

3. The smoothing out of fine lines and moderate to even severe wrinkles

4. The softening and reduction of lines around eyes

5. The softening of nasolabial folds and marionette lines

6. The reduction of the sunken looks around the eyes

7. The restoration of volume and contouring on cheeks

8. You don’t have the downtime of a conventional face-lift

9. You don’t have the cost of a conventional face-lift

10. You don’t have the pain of a conventional face-lift

Once again ‘Laserderm’ caters to the modern woman, we don’t have weeks of downtime on our calender’s easily. A slick of BB cream, her signature red lips and some over-sized sunnies and Tracey was ready to continue her day. Nor do we want to look like tired soap stars, with trout pouts. Volume equals youth, but looking like you’ve been in the back shed making out with a bicycle pump reeks of bad decision making, more than a healthy relationship with your reflection. ‘Emervel’ offers harmonious lips, a lush volume that’s even, long lasting and retains the natural shape.

Back a week later for a few touch ups and an assessment the transformation was already remarkable yet so natural and subtle that her hubby couldn’t quite put his finger on her recent glow and confident air. This statement is not to be taken out of context, when our partners look at us they see their ‘human’, and are so often (fortunately) blinded by love and a certain comfortability. Trust us everyone else will look twice and most importantly you’ll be feeling like the best version of your outer yourself.

This treatment does come with a ‘cautionary label’, it has been referred to as ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ by people in the know. For the best results, you need a medical doctor who has specialised in aesthetic beauty and has a deep understanding of the human facial contours and symmetry that make for an appealing look. This is not one to be tried for a ‘bargain’ at the back of your local hair and nail bar.




‘Dr Raeesah Essop’ is on hand at ‘Laserderm Parkhurst’ to do a consultation and the right amount of injections for you in all the right places. ‘Emervel’ have cleverly designed 5 fillers in this range to cater to different needs and areas of the face, so it isn’t a blanket approach.

1. Touch

2. Classic

3.  Lips

4.  Deep

5. Volume





An integrated local un-aesthetic ensures that this treatment is high on the comfort scale. We have found working with ‘Dr Ra’ essah’ these past few weeks, that there is a caution and care to everything she does, which can be rare in an industry that pushes boundaries, with sometimes disastrous consequences.

A consultation with’ Dr Ra eesah’ or specialist nurse ‘Ingrid du Plessis’ will determine the nature of the treatment and the price which ranges from R2500.00. A few touch ups may be needed in your follow up appointment, after which an annual top up is recommended.

For a full assessment and post care skin regime contact

Laserderm Parkhurst on 011 447 7270

(Appointments available with ‘Dr Ra eesah’ & free consultations with Ingrid. P.s. This treatment is an all round kind one, no animal products & it doesn’t discriminate against men either!)

Look out for our last two posts with this fabulous clinic, whiter teeth and thicker hair are just around the corner, in time for Spring! Also, our ‘Vampire Facial’ competition is on its way!

Jessica Bennetto
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