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29 Jul

Akedo Event

Driving along the tree-lined streets of Forest Town, on the way to the 'Akedo' event,  the sun piercing through the trees, I know I’m lucky to live in this city. Johannesburg to me is an undervalued treasure filled with spirited people and staggering places.   It’s a mild winter Saturday and the city is abuzz with weekend happiness, arriving at the venue, it is seemingly unassuming from the outside. Upon entry, you realise that it is anything but, a beautifully converted architect's home filled with light and a true creatives milieu. Stacked glass doors lead from the striking living room, onto a manicured garden. Every inch of this space takes you to another place, it is curated down to the last detail,...
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26 Jul

DIY Your Denim

As the ultimate minimalist, I find DIY-ING anything challenging. Breaking out in cold sweats with a shaky hand, I take scissors or thread to a garment.     The thought of massacring an immaculately stitched thread or adding anything to a lovely simple garment is nothing short of sacrilege. I was never the girl to scrapbook. I was physically repelled by modge podge hodge lodge (or whatever you call it), and mosaics were meant to be thrown on the floor, in a sort of greek frenzy so that no one could stick it to their mirrors. Please note this is not in any way meant to be disparaging about crafts or craftiness, human beings often fear what we aren't naturally offay with and...
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22 Jul


Understanding that human beings are fundamentally the same, is powerful because love and tolerance follow. Maybe not a bad statement for brands and buyers alike to think about.       Gwyneth' Paltrow's online brain child ‘Goop’ although fabulous, has put the fear of snobbery even more firmly into me! A recent trip however to a major retailers ‘homeware division’, that has made its way to our shores left me turning my nose up at things. Personal style and budget aside, I’m not sure that large retailers from mystical overseas lands can afford to assume that their left over and long lost stock would be gratefully accepted by us? I am assuming that this is what went wrong, in which case a holiday to our vibrant,...
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19 Jul

Vampire Facial Competition

‘They’re Wonted’ & ‘Laserderm Parkhurst’ are offering you the chance to win a ‘Vampire Facial’ just in time for Spring. Subscribe to ‘They’re Wonted’ and stand the chance to win a ‘Vampire Facial’ including a consultation and post care product. Valued at R3600.00. To find out more about this amazing treatment & why you should harness your inner ‘Kim Kardashian’ and subscribe today . . . go to ‘’ The winner will be announced on Tuesday 9th August 2016 & will be featured on the blog, looking fresh and fabulous and letting us know all about their experience with ‘Laserderm’   T & C’s This prize is only redeemable at the ‘Parkhurst Laserderm’ branch. This prize is not interchangeable with other treatments on offer at the clinic. This...
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18 Jul

They’re Wonted Book Club

They're Wonted is starting a book club!   They're Wonted will be reading and doing a review of a new book every few weeks. The first book we will be tackling is Haruki Murakami, A Wild Sheep Chase. If you would like to find out more information or sign up to the book club subscribe to join and you will be sent more information. We will be running competitions and give aways on future reads, so subscribe and keep a look out for more!...
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15 Jul

10 Ways To Dress Like The Olsen Twins

I have always been a somewhat strange individual. In my blissful adolescent years ( I was 12… I think) I ran around in strange denim culottes, skater shoes and band tees.   That year flicked-out and layered pixie cuts were all the rage. Think Dido circa 2002 in Stan. I decided that it would be a grand idea to give my hair the chop. Result grey tonal afro, not flicked pixie cut. So whilst I spent the time growing it out, the look was more like a raging lunatic Einstein than Dido. Between the dress code, my love for music far beyond my years and my polyphonic ‘Bigmouth Strikes Again' ringtone. I was labelled weird, quirky, strange and anything else little girls can...
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11 Jul

10 Reasons ‘Emervel’ is a great alternative to a Facelift

I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me. - Maya Angelou     I love how the late ‘Maya Angelou’s” words sum up a woman's allure so beautifully. Her powerful poem ‘Phenomenal Woman’ should be nestled gently in the back of our minds. Repeat it three times, be mindful of your worth and then proceed with whatever treatment adds to your smile. For this ‘Laserderm Parkhurst’ blog post we bring you a rather remarkable facial filler treatment from Galderma, ‘Emervel’. Nella & I didn’t qualify for this particular treatment, so a dear family friend was asked to be our willing subject. Enter Tracey, a whirlwind of confidence, grace and glamour, business woman, mum of three and grandmother of two. Tracey was looking to hit the ‘refresh’ button without...
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1 Jul

13 Restaurant Rules to Live by

A Survival Guide to Café Eating Too many years spent on the other side has caused many neuroses’s in me, but it has also given me an in, to the world of restaurant speak. I concede to a few of my toes being firmly in the OCD pool but there is a definite line between the germs needed to build our immune systems and the level of bacterial filth that renders us helpless to control our rebelling betrayed bodies. I used to curse my insider knowledge and look longingly at blissfully ignorant couples enjoying 3-day old sushi and picking their ice cream cones up off the promenade floor to continue making out with. Over the past few years though with a little...
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