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29 Jun

Get The Look – Two For The Road

Let us talk fashion for a moment and go back to the birth era of mum jeans and Keds paired with turtlenecks.

A time when shiny PVC suits, paired with white sunnies were the height of fashion, and white slacks and cowl necks were all the rage. Let’s think kitten heels and sequence, or jerseys draped over checkered blue shirts. High waisted pink shorts and soft floppy hats, perfectly coifed hair and candelabra earrings.

Two For The Road is one of those films I have watched 7 times over and will watch 7 times more. I used to lie on the couch under my duvet on rainy days and just let the fashion feast roll over me. It’s quirky and complex, a passionate love story underpinned with epic fashion throughout their 12-year relationship. They used  fashion moments all through the film to show the strong and raging development of two wonderfully flawed, human characters. It’s jolting jumps from the past to present are bizarre, in a way only a film made in 1966-1967 can be.

I’m a true romantic in every way. I feel like everyone walking around in the 1960s were as perfectly put together as Mark and Joanna Wallace, all 1960s polished mod vibes. So how do we relive this time? How do we bring back the fun, strong, experimental look of a long gone era? Well, I took too Superbalist to show you how to shop 3 different looks from the iconic film. 

The meet-cute

Joanna and Mark are forced together, due to a chicken pox outbreak. Her style is young innocent and simple.

Two for the Road 1

Shop-Look-1Ellen Flare Jeans                                      Sugar Sneakers                                                  Funnel Neck Sweater

Oh the early years

Joanna and Mark head back to where they met, slightly more tainted than before. Her style is starting to grow and strengthen, yet there is still a whimsical innocence.


Shop-Look-2Pink Suede Shorts                                 Mckay Sandals                        She Shirt

I hate you darling

Joanna’s marriage is on the brink she loves/hates her husband and her cynism is at an all time high. Yet her style is the most immaculate it’s ever been, she’s daring adventurous and mature.


Shop-Look-3Geometric Print Dress                              Tassel Earrings                             Trinty Mary Janes

Audrey was an icon of her time, she was good friends with the couturier Hubert de Givenchy making her a household name in the fashion industry throughout the 40s and 50s. During the 1960s Audrey had entered her 30s, and her classic LBD sack dress and chic style no longer appealed to the groovy teens of the 60s. Short skirts and bright colours dominated the style scene. Hepburn took on the part of the fiery and stylish Joanna Wallace to get back into the eyes of the youth. The outfits in the movie were an amazing selection from the leading designers at the time. Names such as Mary Quant, Paco Rabanne , André Courrèges, Foale and Tuffin.

So dive into the visual splendour of this brilliant film and shop the looks on Superbalist now, to release your inner Audrey.

Daniella du Plessis
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