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23 Jun

Tasselled Jewellery To Own Now

Fanciful, imaginative, chimerical, whimsical, capricious, flighty, dreamy, these words float around my head as I stare at the wall of jewellery in H&M.



These trinkets and baubles bring back the memories of me pulling open a drawer in my gran’s house full of all her costume jewellery, wooden pineapples, beads, gems, tassels and strings. Imagine my 7-year-old delight as I piled each and every bracelet up my arms and pulled all the necklaces over my head.


I would lie for hours just looking at everything running the beads and strings between my fingers, laying it out on the bed and then packing it away again, just for the process to begin all over the next day. These moments spent musing and delighting over pretty things was I think the germination phase for my love of fashion. My gran was always glamorous and I loved watching her get ready, putting my nose into her soft cashmere sweaters, that always smelled like Issey Miyake, the jewellery was always the last touch, the final flourish to every look.


However something changed from then to now, we got a bit dull with our accessories choices, going into the 2000s (sadly my teen years) jewellery was insipid, little earnings that must be silver (never gold!) and skinny little necklaces with a fake diamante letter denoting your nickname known only to you and your friends. Funny dangly earrings with the smallest silver stars known to human kind, I couldn’t handle the look so between that and my metal allergy I have been jewellery free since 2007.


Then I walked into H&M and something inside my imagination ignited, and all my head in the clouds childhood memories flooded back. Wanting to get creative with accessories again, I brought a pair of tasselled earrings and a tasselled necklace. I know it seems extreme for a recent accessories convert, but the diva in me says; If I’m going to put in the effort to wear costume jewellery I want it to add to my outfit, I want it to say something. It needs to be imaginative and creative and unusual. I want it to be a fanciful story that talks about who I am as a person.



If I’m being completely honest I never thought that H&M would be the store that would bring back my love for the bauble, but I must say their accessories section is really fun. The fact that you don’t have to spend too much money on a single piece means you can really go to town. It’s a fun and inexpensive way to change up your wardrobe. So if you like me would rather have a little less clothing that really lasts and feels unique and beautiful, then this is an awesome way to spunk things up.

Look for pieces that are tasselled or have interesting bead work or texture, like velvet chokers or interesting shapes, and please for the love of all things holy just mix it up. Put black with green and gold, and silver and rose gold and brass. Who cares. . . let loose!

Daniella du Plessis
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