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17 Jun

7 Reasons a Vampire Facial is For You

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For our collaboration with ‘Laserderm Parkhurst’, this week we bring you the ‘Vampire Facial’. Originally developed in the early 70’s, PRP is now used in cosmetic surgery and sports medicine. This only recently popular treatment favoured by not so pale vixens ‘Bar Rafaeli’ and ‘Kim Kardashian’ is seemingly here to stay.



The medical world has used ‘Platelet Rich Plasma’ injections for joint rehabilitation, and stem cell therapy, it’s where the medical world is heading. In that vein, is the use of a centrifuge to isolate platelets and then re-inject them really that scary? I am not sure how this remarkable, but not that ‘out there’ treatment came to deserve its harsh name. There is the obvious correlation between blood being drawn, and the long fang-like teeth of the bloodsucking European folklore creatures, who battle to keep their core temperatures up. I however, assure you that the needle is small and the numbing cream effective, so there is nothing medieval about this procedure.
The ever professional team at ‘Laserderm Parkhurst’ are trained to ensure every detail is taken care of. A phial of blood will be drawn and while it’s being centrifuged, you’ll have some numbing cream dabbed onto your face whilst you relax and sip your cappuccino.
This treatment has traditionally been recommended to patients in their late 30’s and 40’s to improve wrinkles, skin texture and colouration. It is, however, becoming more and more popular as a preventative treatment for patients in their early 30’s, it is a more natural option than ‘Botox™’. I am a newly converted fan of ‘Botox™’ myself, although the thought of foreign substances being injected into your face does take some getting used too. For more mature skin it is a much gentler option than a traditional facelift. The downtime, cost and pain involved with surgical facelifts as well as the increased risk make that option a big decision. The benefits of a ‘Vampire Facial’ to name a few are:
• No artificial materials, your own platelets are being re-injected
• A smoother and brighter, more youthful looking face
• Less expensive than a surgical facelift
• No known side effects
• MUCH less pain and very little, to no downtime
• No risk of your body rejecting the filler as it is all natural
• Regeneration of collagen

Whilst watching this amazing treatment being done (yes, I was too chicken to try this particular round of preening, I threw my mum under the bus) I chatted to the ladies about what this treatment actually entails and how it works. I asked them to break it into steps a layman like myself can understand and digest. A fair enough request I feel if someone is coming towards my face with a needle.
• You will have to stick your arm out so that a suitably juicy vein can be procured
• Blood is drawn and placed in a centrifuge
• Platelets are isolated and growth factors activated
• These now ‘growth factor’ rich platelets are re-injected into the numbed skin
• New collagen, new blood vessels and new fatty tissue are created and start working to heal the skin and create collagen
• Soothing mask will be delicately applied
• Whilst not immediately, you will benefit from a new youthful glow and be delighted that your bravery more than paid off.


vampire facial_856vampire facial_41


All judgement aside for not facing the needle myself, I am here to bring you the truth. You will probably not emerge as Bar Rafaeli did, ready to appear on TV mere hours later. Us mere mortals are red and puffy, you look like you might have lost a back alley brawl with a porcupine. A rather strange network of fine lines appears in the hours that follow, take heart, though, you will not be left looking like a hundred-year-old witch, quite the opposite in fact. We suggest booking the treatment for a Friday and taking the weekend at home to recover, by Monday the residual evidence of your dalliance into self-improvement will be nothing a little BB cream can’t solve.
Fighting the three major signs of ageing:
• Colour becomes ashen and dull
• Shape becomes more collapsed
• Texture becomes less smooth
Is no easy battle, doing it gently, graciously and without erasing the story that your face tells is even harder. Despite the needles involved, PRP treatment is a very natural, non-invasive way to get beautifully soft but visible results.


vampire facial_029
A treatment will cost you R2800.00 and a consultation will reveal how many facials your epidermis will need to be sufficiently rejuvenated. It is usually 3 treatments, with one a year thereafter for maintenance.
For a consultation call ‘Parkhurst Laserderm
011 447 7270
Ask for Ingrid or Dr Ra’essah Essop for further information and a specialised package of treatments for your skin.

Look out for our details on our competition to win a ‘Vampire Facial’ and our future post all about how PRP works for hair growth. Luscious locks ahead.






Jessica Bennetto
  • Ayesha Bhayat

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    • Daniella du Plessis

      Hi, Ayesha

      Thank you so much for entering! Fingers crossed 🙂

      We will announce the winner on the 9th of August on Facebook so keep your eyes peeled!

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  • Angel Erskine

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