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7 Jun

Naturally Peel Away Stress and Ageing

Tis the season of hibernation for those of us living in the usually sunny, southern hemisphere. While we wrap up and fight the good fight against buttery carbs, we should be thinking ahead. By the time there are new buds on the trees and rows of magazines cruelly reminding us to be ‘beach ready’, it’s often too late.


We have teamed up with ‘Laserderm Parkhurst’ and will be bringing you their latest most innovative treatments over the next few weeks. Short of high thread count matching linen and travelling with scented laundry bags, nothing makes us feel more grown up than delving into world class medical skincare.




Earlier this year Dermaquest added a natural peel from Germany to their already impressive range. A secret recipe of eight herbs that gently peel away the upper layers of the epidermis. This improves microcirculation and activates cell metabolism. Cell renewal results in collagen fibres and we all know that collagen is essential to firm youthful looking skin. Stress plays a huge factor in how our skin ages, and who can escape that entirely in our frenetically paced lives. Dermatologist ‘Dr Shrammek’ who had a vision for a company that focused on natural beauty, developed this peel over 50 years ago and her daughter continues to run the family-owned business to this day.
Laserderm Parkhurst’ is one of a select few clinics to offer this unique treatment in South Africa.




Parking off the hustle of 4th Avenue and great cappuccinos are alluring enough right? Is it just me or can beauty clinics be a little intimidating, lithe, sparkly creatures who speak in soothing tones and gasp when you confess your lacklustre skin routine. The team at ‘Laserderm Parkhurst‘ feel like empathetic girlfriends who are facing the same struggles and just want to help.

A consultation with one of their therapists will determine which of the three strengths you need. The cost of the treatment includes a post care kit with all the lotions and potions you’ll need to cover any redness and soothe your skin. The sensation isn’t too harsh, we were given a tester on our hands, and at its worst it feels like tiny shards of glass pricking you.

Dr Ra’eesah of the Parkhurst and Cresta branches of Laserderm prides herself on trying new treatments before offering them to patients. While blessed with a beautiful skin and heart, she does have some residual scarring on her cheeks which the peel softened and diminished. Another fabulous aspect of this particular peel is the fact that there isn’t downtime. In the past, one would have to take time off of work and burrow indoors for fear of scaring children. Dr Ra’eesah peeled from day 3 – 5 and has confirmed she has already asked her girls to do another one on her, unlike chemical peels, there isn’t a specific waiting time between treatments.

For a light skin renewal, go for the ‘fresh up’ option, which will have people asking where you’ve been on holiday. Dr Ra’eesah had the ‘energy’ peel which helps with vital complexion and if you are wearing your big girl panties the ‘classic’ peel is for full skin renewal. The secret to this product is the vitamins, minerals and enzymes contained in the herbal mixture. When lightly massaged into the skin this results in the natural peel, which reveals clearer and more even skin. Stimulate blood circulation, increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin.




As well as working for acne scarring, pigmentation, enlarged pores and premature wrinkles, it can be used on the body for stretch marks, music to our ears. Sun damage and sagging can also be improved. For those of us squeamish about peeling, the lightest refresh’ option, offers stimulation and retirement to the skin without the peeling effect. Being at the paler end of the tonal spectrum, peeling reminds me of being burnt to a crisp as a teenager. Desperate to tan, I once ended up spending most of a seaside holiday indoors by the fan, slathered in papaya skins and after sun gel. Looking like the saddest red lobster in the tank has ruined any satisfactory emotions linked to peeling for me.

I am happy to report that with some age and wisdom under my belt I am finally content under my wide brimmed hat and brolly. Hopefully, one day I’ll be ‘bashfully’ accepting compliments about my lack of wrinkles (or at least that thought brings me comfort). Until then the likes of screen goddesses ‘Cate Blanchet’ and ‘Emma Stone’ will inspire me to put down the spray tan.




The Dr Schrammek ethos of natural paired back beauty fits in with the next big macro trend in beauty. If Vogue is to be believed, supernatural makeup is on its way and here to stay. Instead of spending the GDP of a small country on make-up, I am going to be squirrelling my pennies and treating my epidermis to this spoil rather.

We had ‘Violet’ as our therapist and we’ll be asking for her again, the treatment is brand new and when we checked with the clinic, it is going to cost between R1250 – R1500 including a consultation and post care kit worth R650.

Dr Ra’eesah Essop is the aesthetic doctor at the clinic and you can book with her for any skin concerns or a tailor made package of recommended treatments for your skin type.

Laserderm Parkhurst
011 447 7270


Jessica Bennetto
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