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1 Jun

Dewy Blush


We all strive for that face, the one you see in the pages of Vogue. The wide-eyed Bambi looking girl with the dewy skin and perfectly messy flicked brows. Just the right tone of sandy blonde hair frames her beauty, and those cheeks so shimmery and soft.


With forceful determination and ‘the eye of the tiger’ playing in my head, I rear forth and try out the natural makeup look on my own face. Already a challenge for someone with no cheekbones to speak of and very little chin. Swiping the brush this way and that with a dramatic flourish and all the naive hope in the world, I add one last lick of mascara and stare at the finished product in alarm. My flicks of eyebrow pencil have turned me into a ‘mono-browed’ drag queen, who has thrust her face vigorously into a pot of glitter. I look as dewy as parched desert sand sprinkled with pixie dust .




Saddened but not defeated I trekked off to ‘Dischem’ in order to get inspired once more. I was surprised at how little product there is for glowing skin, most are powder based and mattifying. I stumbled across the 2nd love quick stick cream blush, ‘2nd Love’ is not a brand I am familiar with or have ever used before. The price was so alluring at R29.90 per stick, I bought one in every colour.

With one turn of the tube, you can smudge it across your cheeks to add a beautiful glowy finish to any makeup look. Apply it and then gently soften it out with a big, soft blending brush. It leaves my cheeks feeling soft and sporting a delicate shimmer (and not like I’m ready for a night out in the clubs) which I love. Being quite pale I favour the soft peachy colour, Catalina.




Feel inspired to take on that glowing bare face, these cream blush sticks of joy will become your best friend. It is the perfect way to get dewy cheeks without becoming a glitter bomb.

This range comes in the following colours; Flutter-Light Pink; Preppy-Coral; Bashful-Orange; Catalina- Peach; Lavish- Raspberry; and Toffee-Brown. Available locally at Dischem.

Daniella du Plessis
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