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29 Jun

Get The Look – Two For The Road

Let us talk fashion for a moment and go back to the birth era of mum jeans and Keds paired with turtlenecks. A time when shiny PVC suits, paired with white sunnies were the height of fashion, and white slacks and cowl necks were all the rage. Let's think kitten heels and sequence, or jerseys draped over checkered blue shirts. High waisted pink shorts and soft floppy hats, perfectly coifed hair and candelabra earrings. Two For The Road is one of those films I have watched 7 times over and will watch 7 times more. I used to lie on the couch under my duvet on rainy days and just let the fashion feast roll over me. It’s quirky and...
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26 Jun

We Now Have 3 Reasons to Eat Pasta

The Italians have a saying that means “You don’t age while seated for a meal” and this certainly feels true nestling into the comfy chairs at the new ‘Café Del Sol’ on Parkhurst’s 4th Ave. We popped in hoping to find them open and with a spare table for weary ‘lunchers’.     We were delighted to see the promise of hustle and bustle and good smells inside. We’ll come clean, we are stalkers/super fans here at ‘They’re Wonted’ of the original ‘Café Del Sol’ in Olivedale and the beautiful ‘Botanica’ Del Sol in Bryanston. Mamma Luciana, daughter Chiara and son Ryan have been tirelessly dedicated to feeding ‘Jozi’ bellies since 2007 and we are in awe of them.   The team that welcome you...
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23 Jun

Tasselled Jewellery To Own Now

Fanciful, imaginative, chimerical, whimsical, capricious, flighty, dreamy, these words float around my head as I stare at the wall of jewellery in H&M.  
These trinkets and baubles bring back the memories of me pulling open a drawer in my gran's house full of all her costume jewellery, wooden pineapples, beads, gems, tassels and strings. Imagine my 7-year-old delight as I piled each and every bracelet up my arms and pulled all the necklaces over my head.
I would lie for hours just looking at everything running the beads and strings between my fingers, laying...
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21 Jun

How To Turn Camping into Glamping

I picture myself in hardcore camping gear, stick in hand marching up some mountainous range, setting up camp like a boss and making a delicious meal by the fire, in a way a camp girl would.   However tragically this is not the case, think Lena Dunham walking up a hill in a monokini and you get the picture. Though not as lewd in dress, I am all huffy puffy discomfort of the most ungraceful kind.I was not born to be an outdoorsy camp girl and as much as I love nature and animals and the soul restoration of being out the city, I must confess I enjoy coming back to a warm bed and hot shower, in some form of a...
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17 Jun

7 Reasons a Vampire Facial is For You

Follow my blog with Bloglovin For our collaboration with ‘Laserderm Parkhurst’, this week we bring you the ‘Vampire Facial’. Originally developed in the early 70's, PRP is now used in cosmetic surgery and sports medicine. This only recently popular treatment favoured by not so pale vixens ‘Bar Rafaeli’ and ‘Kim Kardashian’ is seemingly here to stay.   The medical world has used ‘Platelet Rich Plasma’ injections for joint rehabilitation, and stem cell therapy, it's where the medical world is heading. In that vein, is the use of a centrifuge to isolate platelets and then re-inject them really that scary? I am not sure how this remarkable, but not that ‘out there’ treatment came to deserve its harsh name. There is the obvious correlation...
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15 Jun

Chobe National Park

Driving into the park for the first time you see nothing but thorn trees jostled together, with coarse shrubbery nestled in soft, fine sand.   Heart slumping, I wonder if I will see anything at all, or will this be 10 days of pretending to get excited over a bird?Turning right onto a narrow bumpy road, that tosses us this way and that, we bumble down hill for a few minutes, suddenly breaking through the trees toward the bottom, I get my first glimpse of the Chobe River and loose my breath. Running along the edge of Chobe National Park is a river so vast and wide it’s more like a lake. Filled with green islands of grass. A treasured relief for the...
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9 Jun

Chobe Game Lodge

“Once you have travelled, the voyage never ends but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey” – Pat Conroy (Author)     Chobe National Park has the power to change your perspective, it challenges you with its almost overbearing stark beauty, and then lures you in again with all its subtle delicacy, as you drive through breeding herds of elephant and fish eagles cries. The first thing that  you see when arriving at the ‘Chobe Game Lodge’ is the sprinklers as you drive in. It seems like such a small detail but cool water spritzing green, golf course worthy lawn is your first hint of hard-won luxury in this arid riverine reserve....
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7 Jun

Naturally Peel Away Stress and Ageing

Tis the season of hibernation for those of us living in the usually sunny, southern hemisphere. While we wrap up and fight the good fight against buttery carbs, we should be thinking ahead. By the time there are new buds on the trees and rows of magazines cruelly reminding us to be 'beach ready', it’s often too late.   We have teamed up with 'Laserderm Parkhurst' and will be bringing you their latest most innovative treatments over the next few weeks. Short of high thread count matching linen and travelling with scented laundry bags, nothing makes us feel more grown up than delving into world class medical skincare.     Earlier this year Dermaquest added a natural peel from Germany to their already impressive range. A secret...
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1 Jun

Dewy Blush

  We all strive for that face, the one you see in the pages of Vogue. The wide-eyed Bambi looking girl with the dewy skin and perfectly messy flicked brows. Just the right tone of sandy blonde hair frames her beauty, and those cheeks so shimmery and soft.   With forceful determination and 'the eye of the tiger' playing in my head, I rear forth and try out the natural makeup look on my own face. Already a challenge for someone with no cheekbones to speak of and very little chin. Swiping the brush this way and that with a dramatic flourish and all the naive hope in the world, I add one last lick of mascara and stare at the finished product...
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