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30 May

Chelsea boots

I have come to learn that I am intrinsically drawn to things that stand the test of time. The idea that a design can transcend generations, fashions and the ever changing landscape of our world. With that in mind, we take a look this week at the creation of a gentleman named ‘J. Sparkes Hall’.




He is credited with originally designing the ‘Chelsea Boot’ in 1851. Created for Queen Victoria’s comfort on her daily walks, it would go on to become a favourite of the monarchy. It seems this now unisex boot’s sleek lines were destined to entice both sexes. Prominent in men’s fashion until the start of World War One, it’s popularity diminished when all facets of life became all the more utilitarian. The boots made a comeback in the late 50’s. The ‘Rolling Stones’ put them firmly on the map to becoming a classic. Acquiring and being seen in the boots on ‘The Kings Road’ a street in Chelsea, West London, is largely believed to have led to the eventual name.

Not many modern day items of clothing are as transcendent as the humble Chelsea boot. Worn by hipsters, corporates and construction site managers alike, they don’t type cast you. Paired with simple black jeans and a white tee on the weekend, or a tailored suit to meetings, they work with either ensemble.

Personally, I like mine well worn, in deep burnished browns, with classic elasticated sides and minimal stitching. This black pair from Woolworth’s is going to be getting some serious miles this Winter.




Whether royalty, legendary rock bands, 60’s Mod Squads or Darth Vader’s ‘imperial stormtroopers’ in the original ‘Star Wars Trilogy’ inspire you, these boots are a timeless addition to your Winter wardrobe.

Dillon du Plessis
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  • Bobs

    What a great read!– and the boots!

    May 31, 2016 at 6:37 pm Reply

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