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26 May

Nella Chats Fashion With a Fisherman

I sat down to chat with Grant, my calmer, slightly more practical half. A lot of grunting and a hint of disdain later, he begrudgingly decided to have a good ‘ole chinwag’ with me about fashion, (yes in my mum jeans) here are a few questions I threw my fisherman’s way:



What is it like dating a girl in the fashion industry?

It’s taught me a new perspective on life and society. It’s been fun!

What about my style do you love?

You always look effortlessly elegant, like you just put on what you first thought of, but it works in visual unison.

What about my style do you hate?

Don’t hate anything. I do think you could pull off colour. (Oh dear, I said it… Colour.. Sies).

What is my worst item of clothing?

Mum jeans…

What is my best item of clothing?

Your leather jacket. Makes me happy, happy, happy when you wear it.

What do you think all stylish men need to own?

A fishing rod. It will realign priorities.

What do you think of being dragged to fashion week? 

My mum taught me, “Ask no questions, hear no lies”. It’s not my scene. The effort people will expel in trying to be noticed / unique astounds me.

What was your take on my style before we started dating? 

I placed you squarely in the “I’ll take a slice of that!” category.

What are your thoughts on an elaborate sleeve?

I don’t ponder on things I know nothing of.

What are your thoughts on platforms (I meant the shoe)?

Playstation 4 > XBox 1. XBox 360 > PS3.

Boxers or Briefs?

Briefs, boxers are for teenage skateboarders and sleeping shorts.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Self-sustaining in the countryside.

One weird/fun fact about you

Possibly the world’s worst singer that loves karaoke.

What is the most horrendous thing you have ever had to wear?

Makeup for school plays. Took ages to scrape it off my face.

What do you do for a living? 

Make things for the ‘internets’.

What does that mean for your wardrobe? Do you ever need to look fancy? 

Nope. ‘Dressing up’ for meetings etc in my industry is effectively iconaclastic.

Has you mum ever knitted you a lumpy sweater? Do you love it?



Your take on a man bun?

Not sure what a man bun is. If it’s like a ‘top knot’ it should be stopped.

Your take on Manscaping?

Let’s keep it PG ladies…
So there you have it fashion people, as much as they are confused by us, we too are confused by them. These are two worlds I have tried and failed to blend, however, we have found a beautiful harmony in our difference. . . I hope . . .
Daniella du Plessis
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