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12 May

L.A. Girl Nude Collection

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy”  – Yves Saint Laurent

I will admit, I was not instantly smitten with this range of makeup. It was the name that I judged harshly at first because of my love of ‘Parisian’ beauty ideals. As well as my ability to fall down a rabbit hole for packaging, the psychology of a beautifully folded box, the rustle of tissue paper and exotic names is not lost on me. American culture can come across as being obsessed with youth, full of quick fixes and using makeup to paint on a seemingly better version of oneself.

That said, I have thoroughly enjoyed my L.A. Girl eye shadow palette. A selection of 12 alternating matte and shimmery nude tones won me over. Ballet slipper pinks, taupe’s, and warm oatmeal & fawn tones can be layered to create a barely there effect. Beauty trends tend to often follow fashion, the hints of 90’s grunge and slouchy silhouettes that are being referenced on the runways, have translated into early ‘Kate Moss’ inspiration for makeup. Over plucked brows and heavily lined lips aside, the bare skin of 90’s makeup paired with modern boyish brows are set to make waves. Vogue declared that the next big thing in makeup is ‘no makeup’. Much to the bemusement of our male counterparts, we lasses know that in order to achieve that ‘healthy from the inside glow’ and not mimic our dear Charlize’s most famed role in ‘Monster’, we need a few beauty essentials.


As well as a light BB or CC cream, a dewy blush and the right shade of pencil for (tight lining, a whole other article), we need fabulous soft eyeshadows. I love a dewy shadow that feels like I am pampering myself whilst smearing it on but the truth of the matter is they slide and smudge and crease. The L.A. Girls nude palette comes with a dual applicator brush and is powdery, but builds nicely and applied over primer or base, it is long wearing.

Having tonality across your makeup basics isn’t boring, it’s the same as those wardrobe classics that you can always rely on. While this isn’t a luxury splurge or one of those beauty products we obsessively crave or aspire to have nestled on our shelves, I am surprisingly addicted to mine. The L.A. Girls make up range is a plain white cotton brief, not your top drawer  lingerie. An essential made affordable by a company who’s very ethos was to bring quality makeup to every demographic of women. For over 20 years now that’s exactly what they’ve been doing. With some high-end eyeshadow palettes creeping up to and over the one thousand rand mark, at just R89.95 it should thrill you. It is a not so secret, past time of mine to find ridiculously cheap products, that hold their own against the big boys. A harder task than one may think but every now and then, oh so rewarding!

This little black number might just become a favourite of yours, I know it’s made my list.

Available locally at most Dischem stores, with a wider range available on online



Jessica Bennetto
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