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28 Apr

Want Long Lashes? Try Castor Oil

As someone who has suffered from ‘stump eyelash’ for years, I decided to go on the hunt for something to grow those puppies out. I sought out a human with long eyelashes and asked them if their eyelashes and brows are naturally Madonna, and if not what do they do?





Being an expert sleuth I knew the sudden influx of girls with extremely long lashes could not have come out of thin air (it’s all lies I tell you!). So further investigation on my butterfly winged pals, revealed that they use Rapidlash. It’s an amazing protein and vitamin-rich serum, that adds moisture and protects lashes and brows, with a few other fancy ingredients that pull you in.

All excited about the prospect of amazing lashes, I went to investigate. As I clicked onto the site, however, my miserly heart sank… it’s sold at R999 a bottle, which is way out of my beauty budget. When good shoes and coats are at stake, we cannot play around. Also in a grave change of my character ( I hate myself right now) I have gone all Gwyneth from Goop and become obsessed with using the most natural products I can.

I then turned to a reliable source my “hashtag” bestie Rachel, (who is an absolute whiz on all things beauty) and asked for advice, she told me to try castor oil. This surprised me at first, but I thought what the heck, let me give it a go. Being a bit of a beauty virgin and very prone to breakouts and red spots (because I have the complexion of an Irish lamb’s tummy) I hit the internet to do some research, all reviews and opinions on the matter kept reiterating the same thing, use good quality oil.

None of our local pharmacies stock virgin pressed oil, so I went to my favourite online store for all things organic, Faithful to Nature and bought a bottle of their Nautica Cold Pressed Castor Oil for R48. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a product I hadn’t tried before, as I tend to go crazy on my latest obsession and waste money on gimmicks that don’t work. However, I was completely thrilled with the results. My eyelashes were longer after only two weeks and my eyebrows lush and more full in less than a month. Yes, I fell pray to over plucking and am on my journey of recovery. Once I have finished this bottle, I will purchase Afri-Berry – Jamaican Black Castor Oil, the apparent be all and end all of the castor oils, which goes for R159 a bottle. 

For the application don’t be completely challenged in the brain like me and dip in a finger, this will not end well. Rather take an old mascara that you are about to throw away and rinse off the brush. Use this as your applicator. Dip the brush into the bottle and keep scraping along the edge to push off the excess. Once you only have a small amount of oil left on the brush sweep a thin layer through your brows, and then apply onto your lashes as you would mascara. Do this just before bed every night (be careful to not apply too much as it can cause breakouts). The oil can be washed off with warm water during your morning routine, you will find that applying mascara and doing your brows in the morning will become much easier.


So if you like me, have never been blessed with Cara like brows and lashes go and give it a bash! You will not be disappointed.


Daniella du Plessis
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  • Tilda Jenkins

    I heard only positive feedback. I tried a classical castor oil in my teen age, but Jamaican seems even better)) For myself I’m using Cherish Lash serum which is extremely resultative on my eyelashes. It’s my choice for years now. But for my teen niece I may try something milder, like this castor oil. And maybe I shall try it on my eyebrows too. Thanks for the review!!

    January 21, 2018 at 11:14 pm Reply

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