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20 Apr

Say Yes To Milking Time

Our mother is the epitome of all-enveloping Jewish love (she has to be at least a quarter Jewish), bias to our flaws on a dangerous level and too cute to say no too.

This poses a problem as she works in the medical aesthetic industry, and has endless suggestions for laser treatments, lotions & potions. You can imagine my hesitation when she suggested I try a cream normally reserved for sensitive, over milked udders.

Staying adequately moisturized let alone dewy and soft in Winter is a challenge. The constant fight against chapped lips, scraggly cuticles and emerging from the bath feeling like an old corn husk is real.

This ‘Madaji Milking Cream’ is rich in vitamin E. Free from perfumes and has softening agents that work wonders on dry sensitive skin. Don’t be put off by the fact that this formula was originally developed by the veterinary & equine worlds, to ease chaffing on delicate teets, and smooth dry hoofs, it is in fact nectar from the beauty gods.

What it lacks in scent and pretty packaging, it more than makes up for with nourishing milky goodness. I don’t know if I am alone in this, but when dragging one’s self from a very hot bath I hate creams that leave a layer of grease. It makes you want to drop and roll on blotting paper. This cream goes on thick but absorbs quickly, leaving you feeling moisturized but not oily.

Once a convert, be sure to keep a small tub in your car, handbag, desk and scattered around the house, you’ll find yourself becoming anxious if it’s too far away.

Infomercial over, even the driest hoof is no match for this milky balm, enjoy and you’re welcome, it’s too good to not share.

Happy Slathering

Jessica Bennetto
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