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18 Apr

Anti Gran Scarves

I am, to the amazement of many a huge fan of winter. I love that fact that for a few glorious months I can envelop my pale body in beautiful fabric and feel more glamorous.

So as a hail Mary to winter and the packing away of cretinous feet encased in sandals; I am here to show you the way of the scarf and all its cosy glory. For this year’s scarf haul, I hit Cotton On and man did they live up to my ‘cuddly’ seeking hopes. Their inexpensive range of knitted scarves and faux cashmere shawls provide endless inspiration for fun winter play time. I know that scarves can be strange, and potentially ruin a good outfit with dorky wooliness, so here are some ideas on how to wear them this season. I know that every ‘accessories’ journey is different so feel inspired to experiment.

 1. Drape it like Ceaser would (or Jon Snow) 

Playing with scarves can add a certain ‘joie de vivre’ to any look. It shows that you don’t take yourself to seriously and one can never take oneself too seriously. I am a fan of this kind of draping and belting look because as much of a minimalist as I am, playing around with fashion thrills me. This look will make you feel like you’re walking through the mall like a Roman Empress through a forum.


2. Go Classic – (We own a ranch, no we don’t) 

Parisian women have always embraced the scarf,  slim pairs of black pants and tortoise shell sunglasses have sat alongside cashmere draped elegantly across shoulders as they stroll through the impossibly chic streets of Paris. So if minimal accesrories and clean classic lines are more for you, then play with muted tones and simplicity.


Scarves keep your neck warm, disguise a little Winter heft, they can double up as blankets, cushions and head wraps for dust storms. If those well researched reasons aren’t enough then I’m stumped. Personally they are just another reason I love Winter.

Scarves, scarves, and more scarves, please!


Daniella du Plessis
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