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16 Apr

Rouge À Lèvres

My sister always laughs at my crazy ideas and paranoid thoughts that I allow, to take hold of my mind, whilst admiring various fashionistas from a distance I have never been of the opinion that mere mortals such as myself can pull off a bold red lipstick.

Only a recent convert to the power of a red lip, pale pinks and nudes usually suit my application abilities & need to fade into a corner far better. I am haunted by memories of looking like a badly painted geisha, and my husband cautiously signalling to me all night that a red hue has smudged its way onto my teeth.

 Then I was introduced to Bourjois’s latest rouge edition lipstick sensation. This velvet paint with a slanted foam applicator is light and dries like a second skin. It is every slightly cosmetically challenged girl’s passport to new levels of lip fierceness. Bourjouis originally designed for theatre with its pure pigments and French flair has fairly recently made it to our shores. How can we not love a company whose ethos is to make Parisian style available through tasteful, daring makeup at prices that won’t break the bank?


It is what I call ‘slapperble’, no buffing, lining or blotting necessary, all you need is an adequately moisturised lip and a reflective surface. Despite a global economic recession since 08, lipstick sales have reportedly continued to grow. I am convinced that this is because it holds a certain power over us, an affordable little spoil that promises glamour, poise & style we didn’t previously possess.

Whether you are porcelain (vampire) pale or lightly sun-kissed, sporting an all year long Donatella tan or blessed with the deep tones of Alek Wek, there is a red for you. Cooler tones suit paler skins as a general rule and avoid purple undertones for a less harsh look. Darker complexions can pull off almost the whole spectrum of reds from classic Chanel reds, to raspberry pops and warm orange undertones.


For a really rich deep colour, apply 3 thin coats, you can add your regular lip balm over it for extra shine, as it does dry more matte than a conventional lipstick. This, however, does mean that it doesn’t run and is so forgiving to apply.

With shades in this range named ‘Ole Flamingo & Grand Cru’ who can resist. This Winter at Wonted we’ll be aspiring to the French girl recipe of barely there makeup, undone hair and beautifully painted lips.

Available at all Clicks Stores for R199.00 a lippy.

Jessica Bennetto
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