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12 Apr

Kitchen Cool This Winter

I’m one of those people who will make devious plans and eke out those worn jeans if it means I can buy bits and pieces for my home. I love pots, and pans, flour strewn everywhere, and long winter nights in my kitchen, cooking with family.


You can warm up a fashionable marble piece, with warm wood tones, hints of copper (restrained please) and embrace all things local, handmade and ceramic.Woolies current homeware ranges make my heart so happy. Reasonably priced goods are here to get us through the cold. Sunny windowsills filled with pots of herbs, will remind us that things will once again be green and add herbaceous depth to all our dishes.


We’re loving their “Soho” range of black stainless steel cutlery, to add an instant glam factor (revolting saying, I know, I feel you have to be Nigella Lawson to pull it off) to dinner parties. Most of the products featured are from the “Artisanal” (I hate that word) range, gorgeous long handle saucepans reminiscent of French kitchens, and at such good prices, you can get the whole set and swan home on a cloud of ‘Julia Child’ joy. The handmade ceramics on offer are beautiful unique looking pieces that add interest and charm to any dinner sets.


This Winter, I’ll be daydreaming of homemade ravioli, fireside afternoons, and an armoire full of Armadillo Stoneware crockery, from Studio W. I haven’t compiled an exacting shopping list of all MY likes. This was more to inspire you to stay in with Woolies this Winter and let their isles of kitchenware and tempting puds inspire you.

Jessica Bennetto
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