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9 Apr

Eleni Labrou – AKA the Unicorn

We sat down with the designer and founder of Akedo, to find out a bit more about the woman and driving force behind the label. At the forefront of Young South African Designers breaking the mould, we secretly hope some of her magical cool unicorn dust rubs off on us.




Who is your Style Icon and why do they inspire you? I love how the Olsen twins dress, I know it’s cheesy but I’m always drawn to their oversized garments and dark tones.

What were you wearing when you thought ‘damn gurl’ today I got it right!
I have this one navy blue printed jumpsuit that makes me feel so good every time I put it on.

Your advice to young women entering into the creative field would be?
Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Accept judgement and failure as it is something you’ll deal with every day.

What does the word ‘style’ mean to you? What do you think makes women stylish?
To me having style is not trying too hard. A woman with style wears what she wants without overthinking it, and when she wears her outfit, she does so with confidence.

What inspires you most about South African Street Style?
How diverse our culture is. The South African street style is very eclectic as most people have grown up around a variety of cultures which in turn affects their own style.


What do you never leave your house without? My phone.

What do you wear, that would most confuse your conservative Greek Dad?
Anything above the knee he considers too provocative.

What do you wear that your boyfriend loves & what do you wear that he hates?
I think he likes it when I wear a good pair of jeans and he hates when I combine too much colour and print.

What will you be wearing when you’re 80?
Who knows! I’m not even sure what I’ll be wearing by the end of the year. My style changes so often. Hopefully, I’ll be wearing the craziest items ever made!

Which micro trend should slip away silently?
Birkenstocks. I even own a pair but I use them for comfort. I’ve never felt it’s a very attractive shoe but it is definitely a good lifestyle choice for comfort.

If you could dress your cats with no judgement what you put them in? A furry cat suit.

Top knot or no knot? No knot.

Man fuzz or no fuzz? Depends on the guy.

Skorthalia or Tzatziki ? Tzatziki.

Since Unicorns are your spirit animal what traits do you share with them?
Their dreamlike ability. Living in a magical imaginary world. I’m often daydreaming way too much when I should be working.



Daniella du Plessis
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