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28 Apr

Want Long Lashes? Try Castor Oil

As someone who has suffered from 'stump eyelash' for years, I decided to go on the hunt for something to grow those puppies out. I sought out a human with long eyelashes and asked them if their eyelashes and brows are naturally Madonna, and if not what do they do?    
Being an expert sleuth I knew the sudden influx of girls with extremely long lashes could not have come out of thin air (it's all lies I tell you!). So further investigation on my butterfly winged pals, revealed that they use Rapidlash. It’s an amazing protein and vitamin-rich serum, that adds moisture and protects lashes and brows, with a few other fancy ingredients...
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25 Apr


Social Kitchen doesn’t treat you like Rebel Wilson at the club door. A fresh non-hipster vibe lures you in, and a healthy mix of people of all sizes and ethnicities puts you at ease, and bowls of delicious steaming comfort don't let you leave. You get the feeling that people are there to experience the space more than just to be seen. Meaning if you share any strange restaurant anxiety’s with me you can slip in and out without feeling like you’ve just walked and fallen in the latest Alexander Wang show. (Not that I think we’re super smchodels, just that all eyes on me make me feel like the last wilting croissant in the window)     Vegetarians skip ahead, the 72-hour beef...
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20 Apr

Say Yes To Milking Time

Our mother is the epitome of all-enveloping Jewish love (she has to be at least a quarter Jewish), bias to our flaws on a dangerous level and too cute to say no too. This poses a problem as she works in the medical aesthetic industry, and has endless suggestions for laser treatments, lotions & potions. You can imagine my hesitation when she suggested I try a cream normally reserved for sensitive, over milked udders. Staying adequately moisturized let alone dewy and soft in Winter is a challenge. The constant fight against chapped lips, scraggly cuticles and emerging from the bath feeling like an old corn husk is real. This 'Madaji Milking Cream' is rich in vitamin E. Free from perfumes and has softening...
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18 Apr

Anti Gran Scarves

I am, to the amazement of many a huge fan of winter. I love that fact that for a few glorious months I can envelop my pale body in beautiful fabric and feel more glamorous. So as a hail Mary to winter and the packing away of cretinous feet encased in sandals; I am here to show you the way of the scarf and all its cosy glory. For this year’s scarf haul, I hit Cotton On and man did they live up to my 'cuddly' seeking hopes. Their inexpensive range of knitted scarves and faux cashmere shawls provide endless inspiration for fun winter play time. I know that scarves can be strange, and potentially ruin a good outfit with dorky...
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16 Apr

Rouge À Lèvres

My sister always laughs at my crazy ideas and paranoid thoughts that I allow, to take hold of my mind, whilst admiring various fashionistas from a distance I have never been of the opinion that mere mortals such as myself can pull off a bold red lipstick. Only a recent convert to the power of a red lip, pale pinks and nudes usually suit my application abilities & need to fade into a corner far better. I am haunted by memories of looking like a badly painted geisha, and my husband cautiously signalling to me all night that a red hue has smudged its way onto my teeth.  Then I was introduced to Bourjois’s latest rouge edition lipstick sensation. This velvet paint with...
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12 Apr

Kitchen Cool This Winter

I’m one of those people who will make devious plans and eke out those worn jeans if it means I can buy bits and pieces for my home. I love pots, and pans, flour strewn everywhere, and long winter nights in my kitchen, cooking with family.
You can warm up a fashionable marble piece, with warm wood tones, hints of copper (restrained please) and embrace all things local, handmade and ceramic.Woolies current homeware ranges make my heart so happy. Reasonably priced goods are here to get us through the cold. Sunny windowsills filled with pots of herbs, will remind us that things will once...
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9 Apr

Eleni Labrou – AKA the Unicorn

We sat down with the designer and founder of Akedo, to find out a bit more about the woman and driving force behind the label. At the forefront of Young South African Designers breaking the mould, we secretly hope some of her magical cool unicorn dust rubs off on us.    
Who is your Style Icon and why do they inspire you? I love how the Olsen twins dress, I know it's cheesy but I'm always drawn to their oversized garments and dark tones. What were you wearing when you thought 'damn gurl' today I got it right! I have this one navy blue printed jumpsuit that makes me feel so good every time I put...
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