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23 Nov

Annual Plettenberg Roast

Every year the migrating herds of the inner South African continent make their way to the coast. Stuffing their Fortuna's up to the sunroof (a monthly extra) with beach towels and lilos. Ready to lounge the holiday away.     Now don't get me wrong I am all for the typical Saffas December chill time. However as a pale, easily sunburned member of our population, with a deep fear of the ocean, I prefer the sun hat & shade with a good book version of these holidays. My idea of a nightmare is a day spent with sand in my brooks and salt in my mouth. Begging the guy selling ice creams to come back because I just dropped mine. However, for those brown...
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17 Nov

Hola Don Armando

It might not be on all the cool kids radar yet or in a spot that is reaching any culinary heights, but downstairs at Illovo Square is the relatively new kid on the block Don Armando. He’s swarthy and handsome, quiet and un-assuming. Charcoal hued framed artworks ground the space, busy floor tile and a glint of Art Décor at the bar pay homage to South American glamour. In the evening you half expect a tragically beautiful woman in a sequinned red dress to start singing about her lost love in Buenos Aires.     A small menu celebrates Argentina’s staple, beef. The proteins are all given lightly charred, smokey glory by the ‘Asado’ flames of a coal fire. The sides are simple, no...
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13 Aug

Laserderm / 20 Years of Fine Tuning

Is consumerism dead? Is bravery and authenticity even possible in a digital world? Is changing the way we look representative of a deep lack of self love and worthiness????????? We live in a constant state of information overload, a dizzying array of trends, micro trends, fads, influencers and Instagram feeds reminding us to keep up and shape up. We don’t know whether its trendy to be anxious or so last year to be vegan, whether copious amounts of soy products will ultimately wipe out humanity or if nut milks are accelerating allergies. Knowing and trusting in who you are has never been more vital to survival and sanity. Let’s be uncomfortably honest for a moment, we all have that feed that can...
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16 Jul

Where The Grapes Are Grown

Wherever wine grapes are grown, it is beautiful - Margrit Mondavi   The Cape is a place of beguiling loveliness, where impassioned vintners harvest, crush, press, ferment and clarify their souls into each bottle, where it lies and over time becomes one of the world's most gracious liquids. Bottles are sold for thousands the world around, it is something that men have given their last penny for and women have gained the whole universe over. Idiom wine is the kind which causes you to loose your head, each cultivar is carefully matched to the optimum site and cultivated into a smooth velvet that keeps you coming back for more. Being absolute red wine nuts at They’re Wonted, we decided to visit Dry Dock...
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4 Jun

La Boqueria Style

The new La Boqueria eatery is a rich tapestry, you feel a story is about to unfold when you arrive and the coolness of the décor with its nod to mid-century design, makes you feel like you could be part of the story too. An amalgamation of inspiration from markets and street food around the world and the owner’s hearts and souls. The innovative team behind ‘The Foundry’ are crusading again, on a noble quest to have Joburg drink better. #Jozidrinkbettter Studies are already showing that millennials are spending more of their money on experiences than retail consumerism. Great business minds the likes of Buffet are seeing the shift and investing accordingly. The more online our lives become the more we crave...
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